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Found 1 result

  1. I want to thank those of you who have replied so quickly to my issue. I’ve had some great suggestions and I think I’ve tried them all: --Program interference: I’ve shut down the programs that deal with security, i.e., Malwarebytes, McAfee LiveSafe, & MS Defender; backup programs such as Copernic and Carbonite; and gone to “airplane” mode in Windows 10 to cut program updates. --TMG output file is saved to storage other than local storage. All my attempts at saving TMG and GEDCOM files goes to my computer’s C Drive. I originally posted my issue with the REFUGEE forum re the difficulty I was having with creating a GEDCOM from TMG 9.0 and moving it into RootsMagic. It was suggested that I move my issue to this forum. --------------------------- I keep having difficulty exporting my rather large TMG file to other programs. Today I tried to export from my Dell 8900 desktop computer all 37,000 people from TMG 9.05 into RootsMagic via GEDCOM. Partially through the import I get the following error: “Confirm. There is more data on another disk. Insert the disk with [file name]”. A similar error message occurs when I try to export the TMG database to a flash drive or external drive. In every case that I’ve tried to make a GEDCOM I do not get the last line of “0 TRLR”. The other day I restarted my computer and on my desktop appeared a “Thumbs.db” and “desktop.ini” icon appeared. Then, when I tried to start TMG I received “Program Errors:” --File access is denied --File does not exist --File ‘sessionkeeper.dbf does not exist I restarted my computer and opened TMG whereby I needed to reenter my serial number. However, I could not close the program unless I closed in the Task Manager. Is it time to reinstall the program? If so, how do I do this. I have the original disk for TMG 9.0, but I’ve read that will no longer work. Other ideas?