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  1. I want to thank those of you who have replied so quickly to my issue. I’ve had some great suggestions and I think I’ve tried them all: --Program interference: I’ve shut down the programs that deal with security, i.e., Malwarebytes, McAfee LiveSafe, & MS Defender; backup programs such as Copernic and Carbonite; and gone to “airplane” mode in Windows 10 to cut program updates. --TMG output file is saved to storage other than local storage. All my attempts at saving TMG and GEDCOM files goes to my computer’s C Drive. I originally posted my issue with the REFUGEE forum re the difficulty I was having with creating a GEDCOM from TMG 9.0 and moving it into RootsMagic. It was suggested that I move my issue to this forum. --------------------------- I keep having difficulty exporting my rather large TMG file to other programs. Today I tried to export from my Dell 8900 desktop computer all 37,000 people from TMG 9.05 into RootsMagic via GEDCOM. Partially through the import I get the following error: “Confirm. There is more data on another disk. Insert the disk with [file name]”. A similar error message occurs when I try to export the TMG database to a flash drive or external drive. In every case that I’ve tried to make a GEDCOM I do not get the last line of “0 TRLR”. The other day I restarted my computer and on my desktop appeared a “Thumbs.db” and “desktop.ini” icon appeared. Then, when I tried to start TMG I received “Program Errors:” --File access is denied --File does not exist --File ‘sessionkeeper.dbf does not exist I restarted my computer and opened TMG whereby I needed to reenter my serial number. However, I could not close the program unless I closed in the Task Manager. Is it time to reinstall the program? If so, how do I do this. I have the original disk for TMG 9.0, but I’ve read that will no longer work. Other ideas?
  2. v 8.08 Invalid Path or Filename

    I still have TMG 7 on my hard drive, but the link in the Export Preferences points to the v 8.0 Export folder.
  3. v 8.08 Invalid Path or Filename

    Hi Jim, Which "Advanced Tab?" The only one I could find that might deal with a Gedcom export was under File>Preferences>Current Program Options. There is the Export file path which leads to the folder Export. George
  4. I am trying to export a Gedcom file of approximately 12,000 individuals. Just before the process is to begin I get: "Invalid Path or Filename" "285 Exportgedcom" Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. Dell Dual Core i7 desktop; Windows 8 Creating a gedcom export file with just over 10,000 names 100% exported and exporting Repositories of 1 at 90% Error: MOUSEPOINTER. 4390 MSUBSTITUTION_E I've gotten this error twice.
  6. I am trying to upgrade from 8.0 to 8.01 from the "Check for Upgrade" in TMG. However, each time I get "An error occurred...." I know that the computer is connected to the Internet; I've never had to deal with any "proxy" settings. What is causing this and how do I get 8.01? Thank you.
  7. Well, I purchased a 16gb SD HC card with a speed class rating of 6. I initially found this to be a fast card compared with the average 8gb card that I had in the computer. TMG responded at an acceptable rate. However, recently when I tried to open the program I keep getting the following error: Debug Message Invalid InstallPath value HKLM = D:\PROGRAM FILES\THE MASTER GENEALOGIST V7 HKCU = Real path = E:\PROGRAM FILES\THE MASTER GENEALOGIST V7\ Is this a simple proglem to solve? Thanks, George
  8. I am trying to reinstall TMG 7.03 on my XP laptop. After installing the Trial version of TMG from the web site, I get the following error: C:\Documents and Settings\George\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7\app.ini not found I have unintalled, reinstalled 3 times with the same error. Thanks, George
  9. Where is Tech Support?

    Thank you, Dorothy and Phil, for your quick responses.
  10. I have been unable to use TMG for a week now. Virginia has graciously helped me with some issues, but I am still unable to do what I want and she suggested I contact tech support. I have done this by e-mail and by phone. I have heard nothing from my e-mail--not even an acknowlegement. I have called on two different days to the tech support number and both times have been told that tech support offices would close "this afternoon." How many afternoons will it be closed? I have also been told to please remain on the line and that "my call is important". This last time I've been on line for over 20 minutes. Is tech support open today (7/7/2008)? Thanks, George
  11. Well, I think I followed your directions and when I opened the program the splash screen seemed normal as well as the main data screens with the larger icons. Thanks. However, I tried to create a relationship report and got the following error "File 'c:\programdata\the master genealogist v7\sysdata\abbrevstate.dbf.does not exist.
  12. Well, I uninstalled once again and installed the 30-day trial version from the WG web site. Once it installed I found that it had my serial number and the TMG logo "X" out on the splash page. The icon files also did not load. It appears as if everything is not being uninstalled. How would I assure that this is happening? George
  13. Virginia: First, Happy Fourth! I checked the button folder and no files are listed. I downloaded what I thought was the proper version on the WG web site. It seems that my CD of 7.00 will not let me install the program when I click on the link on the disc. George
  14. This does not change any of the sizes of the icons and when I restart the program the same errors appear. I am getting other strange errors, too. For instance, when I tried to print a relationship chart, and I press "Create Report" I get the following: Program Error: File 'c:\programdata\the master genealogist v7\sysdata\abbrevstate.dbgf' does not exist. George
  15. I had to reinstall TMG 7.03 on my Vista deskop. When I tried to open the project I got several TMG error dialog boxes. All had two digit numbers along with "APPOBJECT.SHOW" following. The numbers are: 59 61 62 64 65 67 68 69 72 75 77 78 79 Upon opening, I notice that the icons on the left and top of the screen are very small. How do I restore the icon size? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program a couple of times. Thank you