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  1. .fpt error

    Jim I tried running a individual narrative asking to print out all obits whose memo was not empty and I got a perfect print out of all 1379 obits. Which solves the original problem I had. Individual detail still does not work for same output. Many thanks for your help. Do you still use TMG9 or have you switched?
  2. .fpt error

    Jim Unfortunately all my backups have same issue. I have tried multiple replacements of both files and all come up with same extra garbage in the printout. What databse was used to create these data file?
  3. .fpt error

    Is there a way to get into the actual data file to correct it? Many thanks.
  4. .fpt error

  5. .fpt error

    Jim This is example of a printout of all the obits in my project (it spits out 7 copies of the same memo). I have not added exhibits in awhile:
  6. .fpt error

    Hi I am getting a message that one of my .fpt files is missing or corrupted, specifically the I.fpt file. It definitely exists, so may be a corrupted data file. When attempting to print out an individual detail report, I ge: Memo file c:\Dropbox\TMG8\2 MHSXMHSJ.FPT is missing or is invalid. Any clues how I can fix this file? Many thanks Charlie Vella
  7. After transfering TMG to new laptop, when I try to run a descendancy narrative report, I keep getting only 1 person listed per page; so if I have a descendancy list of 50 people, instead of seeing them on 2 pages, they are listed separately on 50 pages. Help! Charlie
  8. Cannot add new tag or person

    Jim I was able to use a prior backup and the problem no longer exists. Thanks for the offer. Charlie
  9. Cannot add new tag or person

    I need some advise. When attempting to add a new person to the Houghton database, no new person shows up after the attempt. If I do a validate file integrity, I get the newly added person, but I still cannot add another new person. If I try to add a new husband, same problem. The TMG program is simply not accepting new people.I have to do a file integrity validation to see any new person. Any ideas? Thanks. Charlie
  10. Gedcom export

    Prior suggestion to restart computer in safe mode was the cure. I ran it without internet connecitons, Norton, etc. But you have to make sure that computer stays on without going to sleep. TMG completed a 114,666 person database in about 9 hours with a successful completion. Thanks for tips. Charlie
  11. Gedcom export

    Using gedcom export: When I do a gedcom of my 5000 person Maltese database the gedcom comes out fine. A Year ago I did a gedcom of my Houghton database (106,000 people) and got an 81 Mb file. When I now try a gedcom of my whole Houghton TMG database (114,000 people) today I get a file of 6 kb. It took several hours to complete. Any clues or suggestions? Thanks Charlie