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  1. After transfering TMG to new laptop, when I try to run a descendancy narrative report, I keep getting only 1 person listed per page; so if I have a descendancy list of 50 people, instead of seeing them on 2 pages, they are listed separately on 50 pages. Help! Charlie
  2. Cannot add new tag or person

    Jim I was able to use a prior backup and the problem no longer exists. Thanks for the offer. Charlie
  3. Cannot add new tag or person

    I need some advise. When attempting to add a new person to the Houghton database, no new person shows up after the attempt. If I do a validate file integrity, I get the newly added person, but I still cannot add another new person. If I try to add a new husband, same problem. The TMG program is simply not accepting new people.I have to do a file integrity validation to see any new person. Any ideas? Thanks. Charlie
  4. Gedcom export

    Prior suggestion to restart computer in safe mode was the cure. I ran it without internet connecitons, Norton, etc. But you have to make sure that computer stays on without going to sleep. TMG completed a 114,666 person database in about 9 hours with a successful completion. Thanks for tips. Charlie
  5. Gedcom export

    Using gedcom export: When I do a gedcom of my 5000 person Maltese database the gedcom comes out fine. A Year ago I did a gedcom of my Houghton database (106,000 people) and got an 81 Mb file. When I now try a gedcom of my whole Houghton TMG database (114,000 people) today I get a file of 6 kb. It took several hours to complete. Any clues or suggestions? Thanks Charlie