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Found 1 result

  1. I have found these anomalies in assisting a TMG user migrate data to RootsMagic: TMG outputs the unlimited length Citation Detail field to +1 PAGE using CONC|CONT for overflow of the max linewidth setting. GEDCOM states {0:1} lines, i.e., no CONC|CONT. There does not seem to be a field within TMG to store the page value corresponding to WHERE_WITHIN_SOURCE that should go to PAGE value separate from the lengthy transcription text or TEXT_FROM_SOURCE that should go to +2 TEXT. RootsMagic accepts the PAGE CONC|CONT into its Page field up to some length beyond which it puts it all into its Research Notes field (+1 NOTE). Is there a way to enter data in TMG that does separate WHERE_WITHIN_SOURCE from TEXT_FROM_SOURCE into the correct tags, PAGE and TEXT respectively? TMG outputs a synthesis of its Surety values to +0 QUAY [0-3] which RootsMagic does not recognise either because it is on the wrong level or RM has no way to map a single digit to a 3 value quality indicator. GEDCOM specifies that it should be output to +1 QUAY, not the same level as n SOUR. Simply changing the line to "n NOTE {TMG QUAY 3}" for example, puts the note into the note of the fact for which the source is cited. That's really awkward given that it is the quality of the citation that is being described, and really confusing if there are multiple sources cited. TMG outputs source citations for Notes, unsupported by GEDCOM, by RootsMagic and by others, I'm sure. It would avoid loss of these citations with their transcriptions and analyses if TMG had an export option to "Move citations for Notes to citations for corresponding Facts" or words to that effect where "fact" means event and attribute in GEDCOM. ​Because of these GEDCOM errors, I am guessing that other software has similar problems with importing from TMG. Is there any prospect of these being corrected? My apology if my use of TMG terminology and understanding of how it works is flawed.