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  1. Thanks, Virginia! That actually worked. I'm writing this up to save for future reference. Whit
  2. I do use Dropbox for some backups, but as far as I know all such backups must be specifically initiated (not automatic). Just in case, I used Task Manager to shut down the little Dropbox program that supposedly sits quietly in the background. I also shut down Skype and any other background program I could identify. Before all this I had restarted the system to have a clean slate to work with. I have used the TMG default settings for nearly all options in the export, and I do not include external files in the export. Each time I try the export it terminates in a different place. The last time I did a successful export back in the Spring, the file size of the GEDCOM was about 140 kB. The terminated files I'm getting now are between 1 and 60 kB. So, if you have further suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them. Whit
  3. I had this problem 2-3 years ago (with version 8, I think) and got some useful help from TMG support, but since then a computer failure has wiped out my old e-mails and I can't review them. The export of a GEDCOM (exporting all people) file terminates in the middle of a person's information, but the program says that the export finished successfully. Only about one-third of the file was exported. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm running Windows 7 and TMG9.05. I'm using most of the default options, and I've tried it with and without the enhanced tag export option.
  4. Invalid GEDCOM Output

    Thanks, Jim. The other topic thread had the answer, though your solution would have probably worked as well. I simply turned off my McAfee real time scanning and I got a full GEDCOM export. For those with McAfee software, that is probably the problem and turning it off seems to work. Maybe there are other programs that can interfere too, but presumably starting in safe mode would turn everything else off.
  5. I have several datasets that I have maintained and added to over many years, going all the way back to the DOS version of TMG. I'm currently using version 9.04. About once each year I export a GEDCOM of each (current) dataset and upload it to an on-line genealogy service. Recently, exporting one of the datasets produced a severely truncated output, even though the processing of the export took a normal/reasonable amount of time, and messages from TMG show the right number of people (2035) and families (795). Some of the output seems okay, but much of the dataset does not make it into the GEDCOM output file. When viewed in TMG, the dataset looks perfectly normal, even looking at the families where the cutoff in the GEDCOM seems to have occurred. I get no on-screen error messages directly from TMG during export, and I do get the final note that says the GEDCOM has been created. There are sometimes error messages in the log file, but I can't interpret them. I have tried re-indexing the dataset, and that doesn't help. I last produced a valid GEDCOM from this dataset in Version 8 (or possibly 7--I didn't notice at first that there were missing families in the output). The GEDCOM output seems to be of a different size each time I try it, but always much smaller than it should be. There are no apparent changes or problems in the display of the dataset within TMG v9. The last line of output of the GEDCOM file is a "1 FAMS @F10@", rather than the normal source information lines and final "TRLR". I haven't found any problems in exporting a GEDCOM from ver. 9 with any of my other datasets. Is there a validation tool for checking datasets, one that might check for non-obvious errors? Does anyone have any other suggestions on exporting the GEDCOM?