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Found 2 results

  1. hello, I have a question about witnesses. I'm guessing it'd due to a misunderstanding on my part about how witnesses work. I've attached 2 files. TMG_detail.jpg = shows a CEN-ENUM event with Clark Suggs as principal and John Sellers Suggs as witness. TMG_spreadsheet.jpg = shows a witness report. the orange highlighted line reflects the CEN-ENUM event represented in the other file. in the spreadsheet it shows Clark Suggs as both the witness and the principal. why is the report not accurately reflecting what I see in the program GUI?? thank you, david
  2. Hello all - Am I looking in vain for a solution for this problem? Maybe there is a tag set up step I've missed somewhere because events for a witness are NOT included in the GEDCOM export. For example: In my data entry of a common family Census: Primary: Head of Household and Wife Witnesses: Children, parents, siblings, etc each properly identified with a defined role. The TMG GEDCOM export includes EVENTS for the 2 primary people with no problem. - (No, the ROLE doesn't go to GEDCOM but that's OK) The export does NOT include an EVENT for any of the witnesses. Similarly, this is also the case for other tag types that will almost always have multiple witnesses: Wills, Probate Settlements, Immigration and Emigration, etc. Am I missing something? - OR - Is there an external utility similar to Second Site that can create a GEDCOM file from a TMG database or subset 'focus group' that includes witnessed events in the export? Thanks so much! Debbie