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  1. gedcom export error

    folks, I'm getting an error on gedcom export. I've never seen this before. I'm running the latest version of TMG 9.05 and have windows 10. I've attached the error message. I'd appreciate any help on this. david
  2. question about witnesses

    Michael, I had to read it a few times; but then just modified the report and added the "witness role" per your guidance. after that, it clicked. thank you very much! David
  3. hello, I have a question about witnesses. I'm guessing it'd due to a misunderstanding on my part about how witnesses work. I've attached 2 files. TMG_detail.jpg = shows a CEN-ENUM event with Clark Suggs as principal and John Sellers Suggs as witness. TMG_spreadsheet.jpg = shows a witness report. the orange highlighted line reflects the CEN-ENUM event represented in the other file. in the spreadsheet it shows Clark Suggs as both the witness and the principal. why is the report not accurately reflecting what I see in the program GUI?? thank you, david
  4. "religion" on ancestor chart

    folks, that worked perfectly. thank you very much! David
  5. "religion" on ancestor chart

    Hello Terry, thank you for the quick reply. perhaps I'm misunderstanding your response?? if I go to the "data types" and then "box contents", I've already added "religion*memo"; so it appears I can add other types of tags??? not thinking I understand. thank you, David
  6. folks, has anyone ever put together an ancestor chart (or descendant chart) and displayed the religion of each individual? I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to do this. I'm thinking the "religion" tag; but not sure which fields to use. I typically use memo field for this type of entry; but not sure that's a practical output on a chart. thoughts? thank you, David
  7. Ancestor Box Chart Error

    Jim, awesome! thank you very much for the fix and the alternate report suggestion. much appreciate your guidance on these forums. Best Regards, David
  8. Ancestor Box Chart Error

    Jim, ahnentafel-direct line is a good idea; and one I did not know about. I guess the error is just a bug?? the relationship chart doesn't show anything but names as far as I know. thank you, David
  9. Ancestor Box Chart Error

    Hello Jim, >> Are you trying to run the chart with multiple focus persons? the focus person is chosen on the report screen. this error occurs before the report screen comes up. >>There is no reason to create a data set to run a VCF chart unless you are trying to exclude people. I'm trying to exclude people. I'm creating a direct line ancestor chart (or trying to anyway :>) in order to provide information to sons of confederate veterans. I can manually provide what their looking for; but I was thinking it'd be much easier to just send them an ancestor chart with only the relevant individuals. I appreciate your help. any other thoughts? David
  10. Ancestor Box Chart Error

    Jim, I have no filter imposed. I am using a dataset created from "list of people" report. could that have anything to do with it? David
  11. Hello, I'm trying to run the Ancestor Box Chart report and get the following error. any thoughts on how to resolve? "Operator/operand type mismatch. 8 FRMCHART5.CNTFILTERFLAG1.MSETCONTROLS" thank you.
  12. Enhanced GEDCOM question

    Michael, I've started reading the two links you've provided. they will take several readings to fully digest; but wow - awesome information you've provided. thank you! David
  13. Enhanced GEDCOM question

    Hello Michael, I very much appreciate your response. I'll certainly read both your links and actually look forward to it. I'm going to guess that it will add a great deal of understanding to gedcom's and how I might make more robust imports into TNG (The Next Generation genealogy program - not to be confused with TMG :>) I understand your pint / gallon analogy; but the thing I still don't get is that in the gedcom it has the person who is being witnessed. in other words, the data field I'm interested in made it from the gallon (TMG) to the pint (gedcom). given this, I'm guessing it must be a TNG thing; though TNG is supposed to import gedcom 5.5 in it's entirety as I understand it. I may have just answered my own question though - TMG witnesses are part of "enhanced" gedcom from TMG, not 5.5. hmm.
  14. folks, I'm trying to understand the enhanced GEDCOM export option in TMG. I've clicked it and exported. for a particular witnessed event, I get the below for the person (in other words I'm showing the entire person, not just the event) 0 @I2819@ INDI 1 NAME Susanna /Theno/ 2 SOUR @S944@ 3 QUAY 3 3 NOTE {TMG Surety 3....} 1 SEX F 1 CHAN 2 DATE 24 DEC 2015 1 BIRT 2 DATE 18 DEC 1864 2 _SDATE 18 DEC 1864 2 PLAC Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA 2 SOUR @S944@ 3 QUAY 3 3 NOTE {TMG Surety 3.33.} 1 BAPM 2 DATE 08 JAN 1865 2 _SDATE 08 JAN 1865 2 PLAC St. Peter's Catholic Church, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA 2 _SHAR @I1370@ 3 ROLE Witness 2 _SHAR @I1371@ 3 ROLE Witness 2 SOUR @S944@ 3 QUAY 3 3 NOTE {TMG Surety 3.33.} 1 FAMC @F898@ I then import the gedcom (entire thing. above is simply an extract to help illustrate my question) into TNG. hopefully, there are some folks familiar with TNG, because perhaps the answer is related to what I'm importing the gedcom to??? anyway, when I look at the person who witnessed the above event - specifically person 1370 - I get the below (sorry, I don't know how to include attachments, or I'd show a print screen). TNG shows the below for the witness person. baptism 08 Jan 1865 St. Peter's Catholic Church, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA role : witness what it does not show is who the baptism is for (ie: person 2819). any thoughts on why this is the case? I guess my simple answer is that TNG simply doesn't pull in every line of a gedcom; but on the chance that it's another reason, I'd be interested to know. thank you, David
  15. TMG 9.x error on Windows 10

    Jim, the repair/reinstall mode idea worked. thank you very much. I'm golden. David