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  1. Hi Jim Thank you very much for your helpful reply. I will use RTF in the future. Regards Ann
  2. I am suddenly having a problem generating an Individual Detail report with a lot of small squares between the words and weird formatting - sorry I do not know how to attach a picture of the output here. There are 5 versions of the flag report at the bottom too instead of the usual one only. Something else which I think may or may not be related is that when I try to import my TMG into Legacy using their direct import (I wish to share with a Legacy friend) I get the message "Error opening TMG table - Ann's Family_$ Error -2137217900: Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword." Don't know if this is a clue regarding the $ file or completely unrelated in which case please ignore. All other TMG reports are OK. I have run the maintenance tools and rebooted. I can generate the ID report with correct formatting in RTF. The error occurs only when trying to save as a Word document. Using V9.05, Word 2013, Windows 10 Thanks in advance for any help, Ann
  3. Dear Jim and John Thank you for your replies and suggestions. My friend tried a Maintenance run but this had no effect. She emailed me the gedcom she had downloaded from Ancestry and I imported it into my TMG. On generating a narrative report there were no errors. So it looks as though it is a problem with TMG on her computer. I will check if she has the latest version and if not advise her to update to see if that fixes things. I will get back to you if we need further assistance. Thank you again Ann Auckland, NZ
  4. A Gedcom of a tree was imported into a new project in UK V9 from Ancestry. When a descendency narrative report is generated every person has a sentence which says "X was witness to the birth/marriage/death of X" instead of "X was born on ....". If I open each tag eg birth or marriage or death, and then on the sentence button, all appears correct. The witness box is empty. I have found that the output can be corrected by clicking on the drop down box containing Principal (not changing anything, but just opening the box and then closing it again) and after regenerating the report it has resolved. Has anyone else struck this problem and is there an easy way to remedy this? Thanks Ann (asking on behalf of a TMG friend)
  5. Error creating reports

    Hi Virginia There is an error document in the Logs folder. It contains: 16-05-2012, 19:42:51 1925Unknown member ROTMPOBJ. 9 MENUOBJTMG.MADDTAG16-05-2012, 19:42:54 1925Unknown member ROTMPOBJ. 9 MENUOBJTMG.MADDTAG16-05-2012, 20:15:33 1925Unknown member ROTMPOBJ. 9 MENUOBJTMG.MADDTAG15-07-2012, 18:16:17 1925Unknown member ROTMPOBJ. 9 MENUOBJTMG.MADDTAG15-07-2012, 18:16:33 1925Unknown member ROTMPOBJ. 9 MENUOBJTMG.MADDTAG30-08-2012, 16:46:39 1925Unknown member ROTMPOBJ. 9 MENUOBJTMG.MADDTAG30-08-2012, 16:46:45 1925Unknown member ROTMPOBJ. 9 MENUOBJTMG.MADDTAG There is no icon in the task bar for the screen preview. I only have one monitor. Thanks Ann
  6. Error creating reports

    Hi Virginia I have Whollygenes PDF writer V4 installed and have tried restoring report defaults to no avail. I tried going to install PDF printer and have the message that it is already installed. If I ask for a pdf report that works OK, it is the screen report that seems to be the problem. Thanks Ann
  7. Dear Support Crew I suddenly seem unable to create a screen preview of any reports. When I click on Create reports from the Report Definition Screen there is a series of pop-up boxes which flash rapidly on and off, one of which is red, and then a final pop-up box with "File successfully exported to C:USERSANNAPPDATALOCALTEMPTEM6840063371172859.rtf" I tried updating to the latest version of TMG to no avail. I have run all the maintenance files. Have rebooted. Have not yet restored from backup. Is there a file that I can replace? In the last week I have installed GedStar Pro for my new android tablet. Thanks for any suggestions Ann
  8. Obituary Tag Type

    Thank you Terry. Such a simple solution. It certainly seems to have worked in the one I have investigated. Yes I did have English US chosen in one, and English UK in the other. You've done great things for my blood pressure. Ann
  9. Obituary Tag Type

    Dear Bill or anyone else who can help me I like your obit tag in posting #1 and so have applied this in the Master Tag List. When I preview the sentence in the Tag Entry Box by clicking on the Sentence button all looks well. It reads "On 17 Jan 1958, James' death notice appeared in the newspaper the Daily Times". However if I print an individual narrative I get "he was obituary on 17 Jan 1958 at the Daily Times. OK I know how to fix the "at" prefix, but what I am doing wrong? I have had this happen with other tags I have amended. They also appear correct in the preview box but not in the reports. Thanks Ann
  10. Terry I am seeing them both in the flag window and in Flag Manager. In Flag Manager for example, I have three N_Bl_Rel #2 flags, one N_Bl_Rel #3, one N_Bl_Rel #4, one N_Bl_Rel #5, and two N_Bl_Rel #6 flags all ticked and showing as enabled, even though I only have one database (#2) currently enabled. I disabled all but one database hoping it might get rid of the duplicate flags but it didn't. For each of my customised flags, in Flag Manager I have three copies relating to database #2, one relating to each of databases 3,4,5, and two for database #6. Do I just disable each one in turn in the Flag Manager until it comes right? - and then never copy anything ever again?<g> To add to the confusion, I have just looked at the Accent feature. I previously had all my direct line ancestors, ie parents, grandparents etc coloured red with white writing, and on opening the Accent Definition Window the condition for red with white writing is now Candidate #2 = Y. (I had used this flag label for a possible candidate for parents when I had several possibilities.) All of the other colour definitions now have incorrect labels as well even though the people themselves in the database are coloured correctly, ie all my direct line ancestors are still coloured red with white writing. grrrrr. Do I reinstall V7 and see if this helps? Cheers Ann
  11. Hi Terry Yes I have several databases in my project, and yes on thinking back I have recently copied a small family of I think three people from one dataset to another. Is this the problem? For example what I have ended up with is, both in the flags window and in the flag manager, two Cen 41, Cen 51, Cen 61 flags (used to track whether I have located people in various censuses). I have carried out the usual reindexing, optimising etc. Ann
  12. How can I get rid of several versions of some of my flags. They all seem to be user created ones, but not all of my user created flags have duplicated. What would have caused this? Ann, Auckland, NZ
  13. Hi Helmut I guess I too can use that work around, however I would like an answer to why this suddenly started occurring. There must be a fault somewhere or at least a reason as to why it occurs so intermittently. I am of course assuming it is 'operator error' until proven otherwise Thanks for your reply, Regards Ann
  14. This message appears on start up and causes the programme to shut down, exactly as described already on the forum. I was getting this message intermittently with V6 and hoped it would disappear with V7 but it has not. As described by other members with V6 there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how often this occurs. My preferences are already set to 'no tips' and 'check for updates every 0 days' which were the solutions suggested already in the forum. I cannot recall any particular changes that I made prior to this commencing (admittedly it has been going on for a while now). Are there any other suggestions please? I have run the usual validate and optimise etc. Thanks Ann
  15. I have helped compose a family history in Publisher and wish to insert charts. I have tried saving as JPEG or GIF and inserting in a picture frame in Publisher but they do not appear crisp when printed. (The final document will be laser copied from the product we give the printer.) The best result I have achieved is by printing the Publisher document and then using the appropriate blank sides of the page to print the Visual Chartform charts directly onto afterwards from Chartform. However the printer would prefer the document on CD if possible. I have also tried selecting the whole chart via Cntrl A and pasting into the Publisher page when in edit in Microsoft Word mode. This gives a slightly clearer result but the font still becomes quite compressed. Does anyone have any better suggestions or do I just stick with giving the printer a hard copy? Thanks Ann