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Problem with Individual Detail report

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I am suddenly having a problem generating an Individual Detail report with a lot of small squares between the words and weird formatting - sorry I do not know how to attach a picture of the output here. There are 5 versions of the flag report at the bottom too instead of the usual one only.


Something else which I think may or may not be related is that when I try to import my TMG into Legacy using their direct import (I wish to share with a Legacy friend) I get the message

"Error opening TMG table - Ann's Family_$

Error -2137217900: Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword." Don't know if this is a clue regarding the $ file or completely unrelated in which case please ignore.


All other TMG reports are OK. I have run the maintenance tools and rebooted. I can generate the ID report with correct formatting in RTF. The error occurs only when trying to save as a Word document.


Using V9.05, Word 2013, Windows 10


Thanks in advance for any help,




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From Help for the Individual Detail report...

"Note: If you are using Microsoft Word 2013, you should choose the Rich Text Format (RTF) file type to save the report rather than the Microsoft Word (DOC) file type. This tabular report is not compatible with the table structure used in Microsoft Word 2013."


None of the form-based reports work with Word 2013 and later when output as .DOC files.

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