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  1. Rather often, when working in TMG, I do something that causes an "Open File" selection window to open. This window opens automatically to C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v9 and indicates "Files of type: Table/DBF (*.dbf)". I assume that whatever I have done is making TMG look for a DBF file, but none of the *.dbf files available in this window (at C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v9) work. Each time I select a file and click "OK" the file select window just opens again. Clicking "Cancel" closes the window, but it immediately re-opens. Clicking on the "X" in the upper right of the window does nothing. All the rest of TMG is inaccessible while this window is open. The only way I can get out of this is to do a [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] to get Task Manager and close TMG from there. I have not been able to figure out what key combination I may be typing that causes this window to open, but it happens several times in a multi-hour work session and is pretty annoying. Can anyone help me understand: 1. What I might be doing to make this happen, and 2. If there are any actions I can take to close the window without having to go Task Manager to kill TMG? Thanks for any help! Greg
  2. Thanks all, but I'm still having problems. I stopped all of the programs that I could find (including antivirus and Dropbox) and tried again, but I still got a 1KB gedcom file after a couple of hours. Here are my new ideas: 1. I noticed that there were some "string" files in the TMG export directory (from three months ago) so I emptied the directory. Perhaps I should redirect the export files to a new director somewhere else as a test? 2. Will TMG run in Windows SafeMode? If so, Perhaps I should try exporting the gedcom in safe mode? 3. I'll also try exporting just a small subset to see if that will work. 4. Based on Helmut's suggestion about disk file indexers, I'll also try to turn off Windows indexing (if I can figure out how). 5. I'm not sure about his suggestion to exclude the temp directory - "exclude" it from what? How do I get to the command line to "set tmp"? Any suggestions for these or other things to try? Thanks to all for helping me on this. Greg
  3. Dear Virginia and Michael: Thanks for your input. 1) Yes I have AVG and Dropbox running. However, I have been using these for about two years and never encountered this problem until this week. However, I'll disable them and try again. 2) My TMG program and my TMG Export folder are both on my main hard drive (C:). No remote drives involved in the export. I'll let you know how disabling other programs turns out. Greg
  4. Dear Wholly Genes: I have suddenly encountered a problem that I never had before, with v. 9.01 or any previous version. I have tried 3 different days in a row to create a Gedcom of my full TMG database. The export runs for hours (there are 76,000 individuals), but then the size of the file is only 1 KB and it is empty (when I try to import it into TMG again.) Each time I have carefully checked the parameters (including just selecting default). "All individuals" is selected, as always. The last successful Gedcom that I exported from this database using this version of TMG was on April 17, 2014. It was 51,203 KB in size and worked fine. I typically export a Gedcom about every 2-4 weeks and they all worked find (for uploading to RootsWeb, Ancestry, or elsewhere). I have made no changes to the TMG software that I am aware of (no updates since I installed the first release of 9.01). I'm basically doing everything I've been doing for years. The export seems to proceed as usual, doing individuals and families, etc. The length of time to complete seems about as usual; but the result is an empty file. I have also encountered another gedcom related problem. When I uploaded the last good gedcom to RootsWeb and later checked it, I found that some of the parent child links were broken. They seem fine in TMG, but don't existing on the RootsWeb version. I have never had such a problem before (over many years of uploading TMG gedcom exports). Could this be related to a failure of some kind in the actual TMG gedcom export? Have I hit some kind of size limit on gedcom files? Do I need to reinstall or something like that? By the way, my backups seem OK - at least the size (1,158,107 KB for the latest), though I haven't tried to restore one lately. I can forward the latest failed Gedcom if needed (or the last successful one if you have the email capacity or a Dropbox-type route). Greg