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  1. Missing Exhibits

    Hi Michael, Thanks for that heads up. I don't need OneDrive. Can you explain briefly how the interference manifests itself, just so that I might recognize it if it occurs? Art
  2. Missing Exhibits

    Thanks for that bit of info. I have other software, some very expensive, that will not run on Win10, but with your experience there with TMG it's good to know that I can at least move TMG over to the new Win10 computer that I will have to procure soon. I'm beginning to feel like a dinosaur, matching all my old dinosaur computers. Have a good day, Jim!
  3. Missing Exhibits

    Hi Jim, Thanks for the offer. Not sure that I saw your post of January 19 until now. Anyway, my problem no longer exists. I spent a bit of time on it, but can't remember now how it was fixed. There were a lot of suggestions along the way. Perhaps you did fix the thing for me back in January, and in my old age I just don't remember! At any rate, thanks for your help to everyone over the years, for what was and is the best program ever developed for genealogy. I'm taking my old Win 7 computers off line when Win 7 suport ends next January, but will contunue to use TMG on Win 7 as long as I can keep the old computers running. My wife has Win 10 and it has been nothing but problems. Art
  4. Missing Exhibits

    Jim I have a similar problem with about 25 exhibits that have been driving me crazy for over 20 years. I can't even tell for sure who the exibit person is because they have been shortened, having been with me since the time when Windows file names were limited in the number of characters allowed. I do recognize a few of the exhibits, and have chased them down with no kind of fix that I can see. They refer to a drive that was on a computer long since gone. If your fix for Ralph works, I would very much appreciate trying the same with my files. I asked the same question back in 2014. My exhibits have always been in an external folder, and I've done file integrity. Nothing helps. Thanks....Art Brown
  5. I just want to add my own problem to the list with Paul. I have about 25 exhibits (photos) from long ago that show up on the "missed exhibits" log, but they are seemingly nowhere to be found in my TMG 9. The names of the photos are incomplete, as they are so old that they go back to the days when name length was limited by DOS, and thus they were all contracted into meaningless titles. However, when I go to one of the few recognizable names for a photo, the missing exhibit is not in their individual exhibit file. In the exhibit log, I have sort set to "none", focus set to "all exhibits", and type set to "all types" (I've tried every combination). There are no smiley faces or thumbnails in the exhibit log for any of the 25 missing exhibits. So, with no smiley faces, no thumbnails, and nothing in the individual person's exhibit log, I can't figure out where the link can be hiding for these phantom exhibits. Sure would appreciate any thoughts on how to get rid of them.
  6. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Thanks, Jim. Wish I had done that for the first two enhancements. Hate to see TMG go.........I've used it since v2, I think. Art
  7. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    I'm concerned about how to archive a copy of the TMG software to guard against a computer crash or other drastic event that may occur in the future beyond the existence of the TMG website. With version 9, the enhancements (.01, .02, .03) have only been available as downloads from within TMG's help menu, with the program installing the upgrade automatically, rather than as a manually installable file that can be archived. This is important because losing a hard drive with 9.03 leaves me with a 9.03 data set, and the only installable software I have is the original (downloaded) purchase of version 9.00. Version 9.00 cannot read my 9.03 data set, and there will be no TMG site to provide the needed update. Will it work to download the trial version as each enhancement is released, in order to get an installable version? Thanks. Art Brown
  8. Another GEDCOM issue

    Hi Jim, Thanks to you and all who responded. FTDNA finally responded to my query and admitted their problem. I tried their forum before bringing the question here, but could not find the subject there. With no promises made, guess we'll have to wait for some results.
  9. Another GEDCOM issue

    I actually made another data set within the project and cleaned up the data for DNA, similar to what you described. I only know enough to be dangerous. Thanks for the comments. I just wanted to be sure that there were no known TMG problems. I guess my issue is somehow with FTDNA. They don't give a very good explanation of their expectations or procedures for the GEDCOM files want. Thanks again.
  10. Another GEDCOM issue

    An addendum. I was wrong when I previously indicated that the marr tag was present in the GED View reader. It was not. However, the narrative provided DID include the marriage info (!!?). I imported the file back into TMG, though, and all my birth, death and marriage records, complete with places, were present and correct. I'm at a loss.
  11. Another GEDCOM issue

    HI Terry, I opened the gedcom file with a program called GEDCOM Viewer, to see if the information I wanted had indeed been exported to the file. With the program, you can look at the tree and at the gedcom text (same if looking at text editor). At step 6 of the export wizard I selected birth, marriage and death tags (primary only), and these dates and places were present viewing the text in GEDCOM viewer. You can add information to a death tag, for example, by adding [M] to the sentence. That information is also visible as NOTE in the GEDCOM viewer, under the appropriate tag, although I really don't want it exported. Perhaps if I can figure out what is wrong, I can just edit the NOTE out of the gedcom file before I upload it. I don't see anything wrong with the file, but then I don't know the internal TMG workings to generate the export, and I'm not an expert on GEDCOM files, so I could be doing something wrong and not realize it. As I mentioned, there are trees in FTDNA that have all the information in them, so it must have worked on their end sometime. Perhaps they are having a glitch at the moment.
  12. I have an issue with incomplete uploading of GEDCOM tree information to the FTDNA site, but a little different from a couple of others previously posted. I'm trying to upload a paternal and maternal line, with simple birth, marriage and death information (date, place, with spouse). When I open the GEDCOM file on my computer after generation, but before uploading, everything seems to be there. However, when it opens on the FTDNA site, the tree has lost all information except for a DOB. That is, the people are all correct in the tree, but all place info, marriage dates, and death dates are missing. Others trees on the site have the types of info that I am missing, so it would not appear that FTDNA is prohibiting it. Does anyone have a thought about how to fix this? Is there more than one way to select tags during the export, for example? And, I assume (once I get this straightened out!) that an exported tag must include memos and/or notes added to the tag sentence structure? Thanks