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  1. Backup and Gedcom issues

    Hi Helmut, Big file - will only compress to 800MB. Meanwhile, TMG becomes more unstable. I tried a reinstall but nothing changed. I have been able to scrap together some old GEDCOMs and with a lot of manual input have got things mostly back to normal and am using Legacy. It seems to be very good (although not quite the reporting or project filter options of TMG). I'll see how it goes and make sure all the information is safe, then possibly try a few things with TMG (eg Legacy GEDCOM import etc.) Once again thanks for your interest Regards David
  2. Backup and Gedcom issues

    Hi Helmut, Yes, I did run a file integrity check and it too says the file is missing or invalid. When I check the file it is there, and also has this day's date on it, suggesting the program still updates it at the end of each session. PS Thanks for your interest. I have a good friend in Vienna - it's a lovely city Regards David
  3. Backup and Gedcom issues

    Hi Helmut thanks for the reply. I don't have issues with exhibits in general use. There is no *_I.FPT file in the projects folder, however, there is an *_i.FPT file Regards David
  4. I have been unable to create backups or GEDCOMs. Get error massage: memo file *_l.FPT missing or invalid 2952 GO_EXH Anyone had the same problem? Anyone know a fix?