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  1. Opening old .sqz files

    Thanks, Vera, I will try that. Will let you all know how I make out, and thanks again for your suggestions! Sandy
  2. Opening old .sqz files

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions! Here's what I did and learned: RESTORE Using the Restore Wizard, I tried ALL the options: "Restore All", "Restore Customizations" and "Restore Project" twice each, once with the "use without saving changes" button checked, and once with "save as a new configuration" checked. These each immediately gave me a popup box that said "DynaZip UnZIP Error: Zip file structure invalid". After clicking "Okay" to each DyanZip error, I was taken to Step 2 Data. when I click "Next" however, a box comes up from The Master Genealogist that says "The selected backup file cannot be restored by the current version of The Master Genealogist. It may be an older backup format that is supported by the Import Wizard however". IMPORT In the Import Wizard, I tried simple and advanced Wizards for every genealogy program that used a (*.SQZ ) file type. The results were: TMG v 4.x or earlier = red message saying "File *.tmg not found" Family Gathering Backup, Roots IV, Ultimate Family Tree, & Visual Roots all say "Cannot find event library (V-ELBook)" Soooo... 1. Does this tell you anything about what program held this data originally, so I can narrow down what I'm trying? 2. Should I be trying to find someone running a really early version of (some program?) that could perhaps open and export the data for me? 3. Or, could the floppy be too old to yield data? Thanks for your thoughts on this. I'm game to keep trying if there's something to try! Sandy
  3. I received a disk made around 2000 with my husband's family data in a .sqz file. The uncle who originally did the research has passed on, as has his wife, so I don't know what genealogy program they used to compile and compress the information, I'm assuming TMG. I first downloaded Sorenson Squeeze (which I understand is the source of the .sqz format) but was unable to open the file. I then found this site, and saw a post that said .sqz data could be accessed by "restoring" it in TMG. So, I downloaded the trial version of TMG (I have all my info in FTM) and tried restoring from TMG earlier versions but it tells me it can't find the .tmg file and it just keeps processing. I'm stuck. What do I do now? Thanks for any suggestions! Sandy