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  1. My computer crashed about a month ago and I have installed the latest version of 8 but can't get permission to the full version. I have the rediculously long key code but it keeps telling me something is wrong. I was wondering if it might the the name. Where it says first should it be just the first? I have tried my name and my wife's name and also my name with first initial. Is there some way of sending an e-mail to someone who can give me the information I seem to need? gfrench@tdstelme.net
  2. I have been entering the ages of family members, shown in Census records and I have been entering the names of family members as witnesses under the principal. When printed out in journal it makes two sentences. There must be a way of saying that a family member appeared in the household of the Principal on the census date and location and at the age of whatever. I can't get it to print out the age portion, everything else I can. I have to show a separate sentence to show the age of the witnesses. Can anyone help?