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  1. 8.04 update failure

    I had to do a reinstalled of TMG 8 today (I can not print charts using Visual Chartforms but that's another issue). I too could not install. It got hung up at the Install window. I followed Jim Byram's instructions and the installation worked. Note that I saved and ran install from my download folder and didn't move to desktop. I had not issues doing it that way. I think the key issue was deleting C:Documents and Settingsuser account nameLocal SettingsApplication DataProgramsThe Master Genealogist v8. Even though the folder didn't contain anything that lingering folder seemed to be the issue. I had no TMG folders in the virutal store. I have Windows 7.
  2. TMG v8 install does not work

    I finally succesfully installed v8.04. I followed instructions again per Jim Byram on Re-installing TMG 8. The folder for C:ProgramDataThe Master Genealogist v8 Installer was still there, so I deleted. There might have been one other remnant folder which I deleted as well. I also did a hard reboot and rechecked that all the remnant folders were still gone. I ran the install program and everything went smoothly. I had to re-enter my name/E-mail/serial number. All good. I did not have to go into the registry. I have Windows 7. Good luck everyone else.
  3. TMG v8 install does not work

    Same situation for me as the initial post running tmg8setup.exe. I did everything here including following Jim Byram's topic "Re-Installing TMG8" except clean out the registry because I don't know how to do that. I no longer have TMG installed due to uninstalling everything. I will call Support on Monday unless I hear a solution over the weekend.