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  1. Hi Glenn, I did find that on the site before I posted the question and it has been hugely valuable. I'm still fussing with the vcf but setting the pdf size has made all the difference. At least I can see that it will work. Thank you so much for the suggestion! Laura
  2. Thank you very much Virginia and Robin! Virginia, the description of what's happening with my chart appears to be the same as the thread you provided. I'm going to look into that right now. Robin, I don't get a rectangle of pages, it's one portrait page laid out sideways to 138 pages. Very strange. I'm currently working with a pdf printer to get a different paper size and it looks like I'll need to drag the boxes around to get it into a more squared format. Thanks again to both of you, this is really helpful and very encouraging to know that there are people out there Laura
  3. I've been trying to develop an over-sized chart. In reading the support forums, I've got a wealth of extremely valuable information - thank you for that!! When I create a descendant box chart, I keep getting large numbers of blank pages. I have just (yesterday) upgraded to v8 but I had the same problem with v6. I've followed the forum suggestions for defaulting to my pdf writer and creating the larger paper size there and the using the Tools - Diagrams - Diagram Measurements to adjust. It works like a treat. It left me with the original spacing, including all those blank pages, so I tried to repaginate, as well as trying to resize. It looks like that put me right back to letter-sized pages. Suggestions? Am I missing something? Thanks! Laura
  4. I think I've found another (more elegant) way - hurray! I can create a focus group that excludes spouses, export it and import it to a new project and work from that. The down side is that if the information gets updated, I'll have to re-do everything, but I still think it's a better option...
  5. Thank you so much for the response! That's about the only way I found to do it so I'm glad to know I wasn't missing something obvious Laura
  6. Hi, I wantto prepare a report that includes only members of the blood line (i.e. no spouses). How do I exclude the spouses from a Descendant Box Chart? (I am currently using v 6.12). Thanks so much!