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Found 2 results

  1. Windows 7, TMG 8, older computer. I have been looking at a friends computer, and can't solve the issue. All windows are effected, Including Details, Siblings, Children and Flags. On Startup, and after selecting any project (including Sample) the Programme opens as expected, however the windows mentioned above are missing, yet still selected on the button bar. On occasion, only the Details window will appear, in the wrong place, and half way off the main window. I have checked where possible to make sure the other windows are not hidden behind the detail window, and they are not. The layout box is blank at this time Deselecting all windows, reselecting (then repositioning) each one in turn causes them to reappear in the bottom left of the main window. Saving this layout appears to function as usual. Not all the previously saved custom layouts appear in the saved list. Backing up the project (Backup All), closing it, then reloading the project, results in reappearance of the original problem I did all the maintenence routines, and also did a Repair once, this did not solve the issue. I looked at the .lo files, and some older ones were missing. I also looked at them using Notepad, but did not know what to do with them, as they are not commented. Any help will be appreciated. This happens with all projects tested. I tried restoring the backup just mentioned, with the same undesired result I tried restoring 2 previous and earlier backups but they too were unsuccessful. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. I've been trying to develop an over-sized chart. In reading the support forums, I've got a wealth of extremely valuable information - thank you for that!! When I create a descendant box chart, I keep getting large numbers of blank pages. I have just (yesterday) upgraded to v8 but I had the same problem with v6. I've followed the forum suggestions for defaulting to my pdf writer and creating the larger paper size there and the using the Tools - Diagrams - Diagram Measurements to adjust. It works like a treat. It left me with the original spacing, including all those blank pages, so I tried to repaginate, as well as trying to resize. It looks like that put me right back to letter-sized pages. Suggestions? Am I missing something? Thanks! Laura