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  1. Hi Jim and all respondants. Thankyou very very much for the work you did on the project in question. I have passed the project on to the owner and it now works as expected. I would like to point out that again I found the layout problems still occured after the restoration of the repaired project. After rebuilding the desired Layout the only way I could "Lock it in" was to close TMG, then turn off the computer (Shut down) and start it again (restart would not work). After that everything worked as expected. Thankyou from me and on behalf of the owner to all who offered assistance.
  2. Hi Jim I sent you the project some days ago, I was wondering if you have received it, and if you had any luck, Thankyou
  3. Yes I can and have, but it locks TMG up everytime I try to complete the edit. It is a pity that I cant delete it from there, because I do not get the option.
  4. Yes, and repeated until it found no errors, also did the re-index, etc. I also did a repair through the install process. The repair did find some faults which it fixed, but did not give details or solve the issue. Thankyou
  5. Hi Jim Sorry, Locating the individuals using the Tag is easy, but as I said before, the Tag does not appear in that persons Detail window ( I have checked that the "filter" is not applied), The 2 people with whom this tag is used are brother and sister although I doubt that matters, but the author assures me that the individuals identified are the correct two. Also as I said before, TMG performs normally as long as the Tag is not "touched" and as it does not appear in the Details window it is less likely to be "touched". However it does appear in the Tag Type List, where "Touching" it has the same effect. I have not tried deactivating the Tag because it may get reactivated at some point in the future and then he would be back to "sqaure one". Do you have any further suggestions. Thankyou.
  6. Thankyou Jim and Michael After further investigations, I have found the cause, and that is another probem which I will get to. I found that doing a complete shutdown then a startup (rather than a Restart) TMG worked fine. The then told me, “yes, but the Tag is not there” It turns out he has a custom tag he calls Eulogy which he uses twice, and was in the process of using again when this whole business began. The Master Event List, shows 2 uses, but trying to edit them, causes TMG to lock up during the “Close the edit” stage (generating a few error messages). Restarting results in TMG behaving as described before. As I said, everything is normal in TMG after a shut down and start. I have now convinced him to move the contents of these 2 tags to his custom Funeral Tag. Problem now is, I cannot delete the custom Eulogy tag, as it does not appear in the details window. It does appear in the “list of tags” (F4) and in the Tools/List of Tags, however it cannot be deleted in either place because it is still being used in 2 cases. It also can not be deleted in the “List of Events” as I guess you know, and as I does not appear in the Details window, cannot be deleted there. I have salvaged the information contained in these two tags. TMG works fine if this tag is not touched. Also reports I generated (eg individual narrative, and journal) do not include the information contained in this tag. I am now searching the forum to learn how to delete misbehaving and in use tags. Ok I found one entry which describe the exact same problem however there is no response. Can anyone tell me how to delete a Tag in the situation where it is (so far) impossible to delete instances of its use. Thankyou.
  7. Windows 7, TMG 8, older computer. I have been looking at a friends computer, and can't solve the issue. All windows are effected, Including Details, Siblings, Children and Flags. On Startup, and after selecting any project (including Sample) the Programme opens as expected, however the windows mentioned above are missing, yet still selected on the button bar. On occasion, only the Details window will appear, in the wrong place, and half way off the main window. I have checked where possible to make sure the other windows are not hidden behind the detail window, and they are not. The layout box is blank at this time Deselecting all windows, reselecting (then repositioning) each one in turn causes them to reappear in the bottom left of the main window. Saving this layout appears to function as usual. Not all the previously saved custom layouts appear in the saved list. Backing up the project (Backup All), closing it, then reloading the project, results in reappearance of the original problem I did all the maintenence routines, and also did a Repair once, this did not solve the issue. I looked at the .lo files, and some older ones were missing. I also looked at them using Notepad, but did not know what to do with them, as they are not commented. Any help will be appreciated. This happens with all projects tested. I tried restoring the backup just mentioned, with the same undesired result I tried restoring 2 previous and earlier backups but they too were unsuccessful. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. Yes Terry 7 Jim What concerns me about ver 5.15 is that the 2 backups made in two different installs on 2 different computers (one a fresh install) neither can be restored on the same machine onwhich they were created. As said earlier the person concerned has accepted the Gedcom import and is currently doing the usual edits normally neccesary after Gedcom inports. As her data contains only a little over 300 people I have not forwarding the backup and bothering Support. Thank you both for your help to date
  9. Thanks Jim I agree, but on her computer, I tried restoring the back up she made into a new folder, and got a project with no data as a result. So I brought her data files home and put on my computer, onto which I then installed TMG 5 which I then updated to 5,15. It opened her data files as I expected so I made a back up using my copy of 5.15. TMG 8 will restore that backup, but the resultant data set contains no people so I restored the same backup back into a new folder using my 5.15 version, and got the same result - no data. so I then went to the back shed and located an old comp of mine, and smiled when I discovered it still worked. So I ran TMG 5 and found it updated to version 5.14. , not 5.15 as I expected. As 5.14, & 5.15 are quite a few years ago, I can't remember why I had not updated to 5.15, and am wondering if there was a problem with 5.15. Thanks for your input Jim. Colin
  10. Thanks Terry I tried that, and guess what, it does not work either. I have since exported her data from TMG 5 as a Gedcom and inported that into ver 8, and showed her the result. After considering rekeying all of her info into ver 8 she has agreed that editing the Gedcom inport much less work than the alternative. So unless we can find a better solution she is happy to accept the Gedcom method. Thank you for your input. Colin
  11. A friend of mine recently purchased TMG 8 and complains to me that her TMG 5 backups do not work satisfactorily I obtained a copy of her backup and on restoring into TMG 8.8 found it went through the process as I expected but the resultant data contained no information. I then tried to restore her backup into Ver 7 - same result next step, I reinstalled TMG 5 and restored her data into that - same result So I got a copy of her data files, opened them into my install of TMG 5.15 - everything worked fine. so I made a new backup using my install and restored same back into TMG 5.15 using a new folder to house the restored files - again nothing The backup file is 330k insize and the picklist shows the original data contains a little more than 300 people. What I would like to know is, is there another way to get the data into TMG 8 without using Gedcom
  12. External Exhibit Fix

    This has been a problem for uses of TMG for years. I cannot add more then what others have said above, but I can suggest a way to overcome the problem in the future. I suggest you create a new folder in your C drive root folder called say "TMG Exhibits" (it can be anything you like) Within that new folder you may have as many subfolders as you wish to keep your exhibits organised. It would also be a good idea to change the address for the exhibits in preferences/advanced. The assumption here is that every computer has a C drive (altho exceptions are rare) so when moving your TMG prog and data to another computer, all you need to do is copy the "TMG Exhibits" folder to the new C drive root folder and TMG will find it and therefore all of your exhibits. Sure it requires a little bit of work, but it sure beats the hassle of trying to relink exhibits each time you have a major computer crash, etc.
  13. Hi John Report output does not concern me at this stage. In the example I used, as I want the picture of the church to be accessible from each of the relevant marriage events within TMG's Details View, do I have to add the picture to each of the marriage tag Exh link? I was hoping to be able to simplify the process by simply adding it to the relevent MPL entry. Colin
  14. The senario - I have 20 couples all of whom married in the same Acme Church. In each marriage event all place details are identical, and all use the same place style. I now have a picture of that church which I want to add as an exhibit to each of the relevant marriage events. So I added the pic to the acme church in the master place list (of which there was only one - after doing the optimise thing) I was expecting to then have that exhibit available in each of the marriage tag events, but that is not the case. Was I wrong in expecting the added exhibit to appear in the event tags or did I do something wrong?
  15. Yes to all three Thank you mike