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  1. F2 Key no longer working

    No, that's not it either. The F2 key used to work just fine, no matter which other applications I was running. Now, with ONLY TMG running, it still doesn't work. I'm running Windows 10 on a partition on a Macbook Pro. I'm baffled.
  2. F2 Key no longer working

    Well, I got the v9.05 installer to work as administrator, and got it all configured, but the F2 key still does nothing. Anything else it could be? Thanks very much for your help this far.
  3. F2 Key no longer working

    Hello again: I did download v9.05, but now TMG won't open. When I try to restore from backup, I get the error message: "ErrorMarker: Cannot load 32-bit DLL c:\windows\system32\bblistviewv.ocx. 113 TMGAPPOBJ.REGISTERCONTROL". When I hit "abort" another error message comes up. Any thoughts?
  4. Using MG Gold v9.01.000. All of a sudden the F2 key to find people or to find places, no longer works. I have no idea why. Any ideas? .
  5. Thank you very much. That does it. I have no idea why "filtered" just appeared like that. Robert
  6. Hello Folk: I'm using Master Genealogist Gold Edition, v.9.01.0000. Just minutes ago, I was entering data, when all of a sudden, every married woman's married surname disappeared, and the adopted surnames of people also disappeared. They are all still listed when I hit F2 (Picklist of people); for example, my Mother's Maiden name was Johnson, and her married surname was Ward; I can look her up and find her using either surname via F2, but on the details screen her married surname has disappeared! No idea why. I've checked every single "preference", etc., but no clue. Ideas? Anything appreciated. I've entered quite a bit of data today and don't really want to have to do a restore, if at all possible. Thanks "Radiohead33" (Robert Ward)
  7. All of a sudden, V9 has started messing up my latitudes and longitudes. For example, when I enter (as I do for all places that I can) I enter the given lat/long, the program seems to throw in a "\" in the latitude, which the program does not read. The result is the place listed with NO lat/long. I've tried all lat/long styles, (degrees, minutes, seconds; decimal degrees; etc.) but for no reason I can see, all of a sudden a "\" is thrown into the latitude. Help?
  8. Exporting descendants of one person

    I'll give it another shot, although I don't use any type of backup/sync programs. I'll do a clean reboot and try it again. Thanks.
  9. Exporting descendants of one person

    I spoke too soon. I thought it was going well. The GEDCOM export function showed 6483 people (and a few thousand families) being exported, and took over an HOUR to produce a file which, once again, was 1kb in size. "0 HEAD" is all that was in the file. I don't get it.
  10. Exporting descendants of one person

    Why uncheck the "spouses" box?
  11. Exporting descendants of one person

    Thank you. After several tries and coming up short, I now realize where I was going wrong. GEDCOM export is working as I type. I was just not doing it correctly. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks so much, Terry. The "filter" thing was indeed red, and now the variant names are back to normal. Phew! As to the GEDCOM thing, it has been posted elsewhere, but none of the suggested fixes fixed it. The problem is when I try to export a GEDCOM file, no matter if it's for a focus group or the descendants of a particular person, I cannot get an output file larger than 6kb. Usually it's 1kb. The only thing that actually appears in the file is: "0 HEADER" and that's it. Ideas?
  13. Hello Folks: Using v9.01 Gold under Windows 7 Home Premium. I have had zero problems with this great program until just very recently. First was the inability to produce a GEDCOM file. Yesterday I was entering a "nickname" for someone, but when I hit "enter", nothing happened. I tried adding a second married name to another person (F4, name, married), and entered the info, and... nothing. No new tag appeared. I completely uninstalled TMG, and reinstalled with the new installer, restored my latest backup, but still, neither of these features are working. Cannot make a GEDCOM nor can I add name variations. What is happening? One thing I must add, is that when I reinstalled the "trial version", it did not ask for my serial number, but found it somewhere and inserted it itself. How is that possible, when I had previously completely uninstalled the program? Any help gratefully accepted Thanks
  14. I have no idea what this means. I've done the tmp temp thing (step 1) but 2 makes no sense. I'm using Windows 7 and I find nothing called "System Control".
  15. I'm another who can't make a GEDCOM file with TMG v9.01. I've tried turning off everything, rebooting, all of it (well, not excluding the "tmp" files). Just can't get anything larger than 6kb. I've tried using a particular person and also tried a "focus grou". Same thing. Nothing. Anything else would be appreciated.