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  1. RTF Format Doc

    OK. I think I found the answer to the Journal ordering issue. If I use Sort By I can order the items in the focus group. Thanks
  2. RTF Format Doc

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to look into doing Word to TeX. I am working with the Journal report. It has a very nice format. I am still trying to figure out how to group the families. My oldesst ancester in my sir name line is causing me a little trouble. I know his wife's parents which I would like to include that but It keeps doing the main part of the report focused on the in-law family. (Yes I know all the data is there but there is some ego involved) Still learning. Please post any suggestions. Peter
  3. RTF Format Doc

    I was trying to convert the RTF to LaTeX using a utility. The utility was designed for RTF Version 1.3 & 1.5 & 1.7. I was having trouble getting the Index entries to translate. The person who created the utility has not been helpful. The problem may be ME. Not knowing how to use the utility and/or TMG.
  4. RTF Format Doc

    I am looking at the RTF Report Output. Can you tell me RTF Spec which is being used by V8.0.4 Thanks
  5. Screen Preview

    Thanks the Draft/Print View was the display issue. I also did not know the location margin setting.
  6. Screen Preview

    The left margin on the preview Screen seems to be very small. Is this the design or is there an adjustment. The output to a file also seems to have a small left margin. Thanks
  7. Death Tag

    My Data has been imported from a few versions ago. I am not sure what created the death Tag. So It should not create a problem to remove them? I am starting a major effort to get all my data into TMG.
  8. Death Tag

    Hi Everyone, I am working to use TMG. I have a lot of entries which Have a death tag with no information. What is the value is the Death Tag? (with no information). I was considering deleting the tag so that I would have a better narrative. Any Issues I should consider. Thanks Peter
  9. Report - Surname Index

    Thanks that is what I needed. I was not looking in the options button for the index information. I have gotten an index to work.
  10. Report - Surname Index

    I have the trial version v8. Does that support Index in Word? I have looked at the documentation. I am still unsuccessful. Any other help?
  11. How do I create a surname index? I understand that if I output to "Word" I can create an index. I am not sure what flag I need to set in TMG or what steps to take in Word to create.
  12. burial narrative finding date

    Thanks. That was what I was missing.
  13. burial narrative finding date

    Can you provide more information to find this "Master Tag Type". I have looked and not found the sentences. tools->Master Type Tag List
  14. Reviewing V8 after uploading my V6 Data. I am having a problem with the burial tag item. I have the location information but not the date. I am getting the following line. Her body was interred at an unknown date at Howe/Brown Cemetery, Sterling, Wayne County, PA. was expecting something like was buried at Howe/Brown Cemetery, Sterling, Wayne County, PA. Any help? Thanks Peter