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  1. In the past when I created a backup the file size was around 100KB. I added some exhibits and the size went to 15MB. I have deleted the exhibits but the backup file size is staying at about 15MB. It seems to me that the project file that is causing a large backup is a file called H*******1_i.FPT. Is there any way I can reduce the size of the backup file? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Backup size

    Jim Thank you again. Backup size reduced to less than 100KB. Don't you even take weekends off! Alec
  3. When I backup a project and try to open it from the backup I get the message "The file C:\.....The Master Genealogist v 7\Backups\.....2012-10-11 16 37 21.sqz does not appear to be valid PJC file!!! However if I open TMG and load the last project it opens fine. I am worried that I am saving backups that will not work. Any advise or solutions? Alec
  4. Restoring Backup

    Hi guys Thanks for that. You have made it very clear that I was not thinking very clearly and yes I was trying to open the backup. Restore works fine. As this was my first post I am extremely impressed with the speed of response so thanks again. Alec