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  1. Hi all, I've got citations for all my tags, but many citations, especially those that came as a result of adding mulptiple people at once (where the surety field is unavailable), don't have surety values listed. I'd like to be able to globally assign surety values for tags that don't have them. The TMG Utility allows me to do this, but only for tags that have single citations. If a tag has multiple source citations but no surety values, TMG Utility does nothing. What's the best way to go about adding surety values to citations with multiple sources? Thanks! --chriscrutch
  2. I'd like to add citations for multiple tags at once, or, ideally, all tags for multiple people at once. I know that in older versions, I would have to move the subset of people into a new data set, cite globally, then move them back. That's really even more work than just doing it manually. I know that a feature like this has been on peoples' wishlist for a while, has it gotten in there yet? Is there a way to do it with the TMG Utility? Thanks! --chriscrutch
  3. Create a list of people with zero tags?

    Terry, that's exactly what I needed, thanks. I spent a good 20 minutes playing around before I posted here, and somehow managed to overlook the filtering options there. I guess I was looking for something based on the "Tag count" field that is shown in the "Details" window. Apparently that field doesn't count "name" tags, because on the people in question, "Tag count" equals zero. I may have a bug in the program, too. The report came up with 5 names, then froze at 60% progress on "Calculating columns for 5 people." I had to force close TMG. Uh oh. Helmut, that's a good point for others, but personally, I don't add people in my project just to be used as a witness, so it doesn't apply to me.
  4. I came across a few people in my project that had no connections to anyone or anything. They were just names. Is there a way I could get a list or report of people whose tag count is zero? --chriscrutch
  5. Best method of data entry?

    Thanks to both of you for the ideas. Highlighting and flagging makes a lot of sense. I've never been a power user of TMG, but I'll certainly get much more proficient by the time I get all this data in. I don't think I've ever used "add multiple people" before. Or highlighting or flagging for that matter. I'll have to spend some time getting familiar with the deeper functions of the software before starting to actually tackle the family data. Thanks again for the great suggestions.
  6. I've been dabbling in genealogy for several years, but only on a pretty minor scale. I only had a couple hundred people in the whole project. A while back, I was contacted by a distant cousin who has been much more heavily bitten by the bug, and he has shared his info with me. I'm curious as to the "best" or "most efficient" method of adding them to my project file. It can't be imported, because that would be too easy. I'll be probably tripling the amount of names in my project with this information, so I really need an idea on a good, efficient, methodical way of going through it all, adding it to TMG, and making sure I don't miss anything. Do I choose one person and go up through fathers until I can't go any further? Do I choose one person and add all their immediate family? After I finish adding one person, how do I choose which person to go to next? I'm open to any suggestions that will make this go easier. Thank you all. --chriscrutch