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Create a list of people with zero tags?

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First, they don't really have no Tags - if they have a name, and everyone must, they have a Name Tag. So the question is how to find people with no other tags.


I think a List of People report with this filter will do the job:


# of Events = 0 AND

# of Children = 0 AND

# of Parents = 0 END

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Terry, that's exactly what I needed, thanks. I spent a good 20 minutes playing around before I posted here, and somehow managed to overlook the filtering options there. I guess I was looking for something based on the "Tag count" field that is shown in the "Details" window. Apparently that field doesn't count "name" tags, because on the people in question, "Tag count" equals zero. I may have a bug in the program, too. The report came up with 5 names, then froze at 60% progress on "Calculating columns for 5 people." I had to force close TMG. Uh oh.


Helmut, that's a good point for others, but personally, I don't add people in my project just to be used as a witness, so it doesn't apply to me.

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You're right, Helmut. Events to which the person is only a Witness would be missed by my filter. If they might exist one could add the term:


# of Witnessed Events = 0


to deal with that.

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