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  1. TMG6.12 options

    Many thanks Terry, I've made contact with Harry. Kerrie
  2. TMG6.12 options

    Firstly, I sincerely apologise that I'm way behind the times & looking to transfer my data in the best possible way... but where to? I know I know I really should keep up with change & progress. I was looking at doing this years ago & had a crisis that prevented this from happening. I have two main projects in TMG6.12 UK Gold. One with about 6,000 names, the other about 55,000 names. This runs on an old computer with Windows XP. It is my understanding that I can run a backup in v6 & reinstall into a newer version on a different computer, without going through all the in between versions. My newer computer runs Windows7, but I can upgrade to 10 if that is recommended. Is my understanding correct that I can no longer purchase TMG9 to transfer my data? If this is the case, what are my best options? Many thanks in anticipation of your guidance.
  3. I currently use TMG v6.12 (UK Gold) on an XP operating system. My purchased disk was v6.09. I have recently ordered a new computer with Windows 7 (not quite ready for the issues with Windows 8!). I wish to upgrade to the latest TMG version. What is the best way to go about this? I was thinking... 1. create backup of data on old computer 2. copy the file tmg6uksetup.exe from old computer to new computer (or direct from disk v 6.09?) 3. run execution file to install old version 4. upgrade to new TMG version from whollygenes website 5. reinstate data into new version of TMG on new computer Before I run into problems, is there anything I've missed? many thanks, Kerrie