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upgrade of both computer & TMG version

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I currently use TMG v6.12 (UK Gold) on an XP operating system. My purchased disk was v6.09. I have recently ordered a new computer with Windows 7 (not quite ready for the issues with Windows 8!). I wish to upgrade to the latest TMG version.


What is the best way to go about this? I was thinking...

1. create backup of data on old computer

2. copy the file tmg6uksetup.exe from old computer to new computer (or direct from disk v 6.09?)

3. run execution file to install old version

4. upgrade to new TMG version from whollygenes website

5. reinstate data into new version of TMG on new computer


Before I run into problems, is there anything I've missed?

many thanks,


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First, you do not want to install TMG6 under Windows 7.


There is no upgrade pricing for TMG6 to TMG8 as far as I know. You could check with Support to confirm that.


Backup your data on your old system under TMG6. Restore your data to TMG8 on the new computer.


Regarding Windows 8. There is no reason not to install Windows 8. I'm running it on two machines and it has many advances over Win7. If you want a classical Start menu, there are more than two dozen programs that add this to Win8. Some are free and some cost a modest amount. I'm using Stardock's Start8 on both machines.

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As Jim says, the upgrade, when offered, is a pricing discount only - you do not need the old version installed on your new computer, and you should not install it.


Upgrade pricing is listed in the Upgrade Center on the main website. As I read it the discount applies only to those owning TMG7.


You can transfer both your data and some of your settings by means of the recommended Backup and Restore process. More details on that are included on my Updating to TMG8 article.

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