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  1. Copy tag makes TMG 8.08 very slow

    I use TMG with the French language and have been trying to correct some translation errors (on my part) associated with the role names and have stopped because everytime that I started playing with Role names and sentence structure at the same time. Slow speed issues keep re-appearing. Gilles
  2. TMG 8.06 very very slow

    Sorry Susan, I have not been able to determine the source of my issues. I just know that something that I have done at one point corrupted my database. After Jim tried to fixed it, I simply restored my project at a time where I knew that it working correctly and re-entered all of the lost data. Since then, this issue has reappeared once again, but instead of fighting with it. I restored the last good backup and continued on. Good thing that I backup my data at the end of every session.
  3. Copy tag makes TMG 8.08 very slow

    ADDENDUM I realized after more experimentation that I had added a role to the "Rc 1861" tag after copying and modifying it. It would seem that the issue starts appearing as soon as I added this new role.
  4. Hi, I am running TMG 8.08 with WIndows 8 (64 bit) on an HP Envy dv7 (Intel i7-3630QM) with 12GB of RAM. I use TMG with the French Language. Today, I needed to create a tag for the 1861 Canadian census. Since it had many similarities with an existing tag, the 1871 Canadian census, I decided to copy the tag. The existing 1871 tag contains many roles that apply to the 1861 Canadian census tag that I needed. After copying the tag, renaming it and adjusting the roles, I immediately started using it, but TMG is very very slow at responding when I use this tag. The existing 1871 Canadian Census tag is named “Rc 1871”. Here are the steps that I used to create the tag: Tools > Master Tag Type List. Selected “Rc 1871”, then clicked “Copy”. Answered “Yes” to “Are you sure that you want to copy the “Rc1871” tag type?”. The newly tag was created and was named “Rc 18711”. Double-clicked on “Rc 18711” tag. Modified the Label field to “Rc 1861”. Modified the Past tense field to “Rc 1861”. Modified the 20 roles to reflect the 1861 census. Clicked on “OK”. Issue with using the new tag: Press <F4>. Double-clicked “Rc 1861”, then the waiting begins (at least 30 seconds) Add the ID # for the principal. No issue. Click “ajouter un témoin” (yellow plus to add a witness). Waiting again (over 10 minutes). Add the ID # for the witness. Waiting again. Select a role. Click OK. With several witness to add, this process takes almost an hour for 1 family. Not very productive. With a large amount of data to analyze, this is very frustrating. This is the second tag that I have that is now producing the same kind of result. I reported a very similar issue previously: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=15056 http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=15065 Gilles
  5. TMG 8.06 very very slow

    I have a complete backup of my data and configuration. Once again, I completely removed TMG using your instructions and deleted everything including the configuraiton folders (DocumentsThe Master Genealogist v8 and all subfolders), then re-installed with a fresh download. I then tried to open the sample project and it open almost instantly. I then tried to open my project and once again the long delay is back. Looks like there is an issue with my project.
  6. TMG 8.06 very very slow

    I have been doing a bit of testing since installing TMG 8.06. First I recently purchase a brand new laptop (HP Envy DV7-7373CA, 12GB RAM, Windows 8) and I am using TMG in French. TMG 8.04 was running at an extremely acceptable speed, the upgrade to TMG 8.05 went without a hitch and again ran at a very acceptable speed. Much much faster than on my older clunker. The upgrade to TMG 8.06 was difficult. I ended up uninstalling TMG 8.05 altogether and re-installing from scratch TMG 8.06. Then the problems began. Launching TMG 8.06 takes 9 minutes 51 seconds. At the 8 minutes 35 seconds mark, a "please wait" message appears, then over a minute later, it finally launches. After noticing some issues with some of my census tags, I did a bit more testing... Thinking that it might be an issue with custom tags & roles, I opened the "Master Tag Type List", I selected on my custom tags "Residence at death", clicked "Edit". Selected the "Roles and Sentences" tab, click "New" and called it "Testing 123" and assign "[P] and [PO] are testing this tag" as the Male sentence structure, then clicked "OK". It took 1 minute and 45 seconds to return to the "Master Tag Type List". I tried a similar test on standard tag (birth tag) and I got similar results. Since many people had reported issues with AVG when they installed TMG 8.05. I removed it completely from my system and activates Windows Defender for the time being.
  7. TMG 8.05 setup file

    Thanks Dave, I have but the issues are still there. Gilles
  8. TMG 8.05 setup file

    UPDATE Whenever I launch TMG 8.06, now it takes several minutes before it is fully lauched. Once it is launched, usage seems to be normal as long as I don't to anything with the Census 1930 tag. This includes adding it to a person or trying to edit any of the roles within it. It is very bizarre!
  9. TMG 8.05 setup file

    Well TMG 8.06 is extremely slow in comparaison with TMG 8.05. I am running WIndows 8 on an Intel i7-3630QM with 12GB of RAM. I use TMG in French. First instance of this extreme slowness appeared when I added a custom census tag that I named "Rc 1930" with several custom roles. This tag was created in TMG 7.04 and possibly before that. Anyhow, I soon as I try to add a witness in this tag, TMG hangs... after 7 to 8 minutes (no exaggeration), I am then able to add the ID of the witness. As soon as it is entered, and click on the drop-down to select a role, i need to once again have to wait another 7 to 8 minutes. I have entered a fair amount of data using the same tag in TMG 8.05 without the delays. I completely removed TMG 8.06, reinstalled TMG 8.06. No difference. Still extremely slow. This is why I want to return to TMG 8.05 until TMG 8.07 is released.
  10. TMG 8.05 setup file

    I am having major issues working with TMG 8.06. I would like to revert back to TMG 8.05 but can't locate the setup files to download. Can anyone direct me to the TMG 8.05 setup files? Thanks, Gilles