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TMG 8.06 very very slow

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I have been doing a bit of testing since installing TMG 8.06.

First I recently purchase a brand new laptop (HP Envy DV7-7373CA, 12GB RAM, Windows 8) and I am using TMG in French.

TMG 8.04 was running at an extremely acceptable speed, the upgrade to TMG 8.05 went without a hitch and again ran at a very acceptable speed. Much much faster than on my older clunker.

The upgrade to TMG 8.06 was difficult. I ended up uninstalling TMG 8.05 altogether and re-installing from scratch TMG 8.06. Then the problems began.

Launching TMG 8.06 takes 9 minutes 51 seconds. At the 8 minutes 35 seconds mark, a "please wait" message appears, then over a minute later, it finally launches.

After noticing some issues with some of my census tags, I did a bit more testing...

Thinking that it might be an issue with custom tags & roles, I opened the "Master Tag Type List", I selected on my custom tags "Residence at death", clicked "Edit". Selected the "Roles and Sentences" tab, click "New" and called it "Testing 123" and assign "[P] and [PO] are testing this tag" as the Male sentence structure, then clicked "OK". It took 1 minute and 45 seconds to return to the "Master Tag Type List".

I tried a similar test on standard tag (birth tag) and I got similar results.

Since many people had reported issues with AVG when they installed TMG 8.05. I removed it completely from my system and activates Windows Defender for the time being.

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Whatever the problem is, it's a system issue and not a TMG issue. There is no change between v8.05 and v8.06 that would make any performance difference. And if this were a TMG issue, many or all users would be experiencing this and that's not the case.

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I have a complete backup of my data and configuration.


Once again, I completely removed TMG using your instructions and deleted everything including the configuraiton folders (DocumentsThe Master Genealogist v8 and all subfolders), then re-installed with a fresh download.


I then tried to open the sample project and it open almost instantly. I then tried to open my project and once again the long delay is back.


Looks like there is an issue with my project.

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Sorry Susan,


I have not been able to determine the source of my issues. I just know that something that I have done at one point corrupted my database. After Jim tried to fixed it, I simply restored my project at a time where I knew that it working correctly and re-entered all of the lost data.


Since then, this issue has reappeared once again, but instead of fighting with it. I restored the last good backup and continued on. Good thing that I backup my data at the end of every session.

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