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  1. Thanks for the advice Michael! Much appreciated! Jane
  2. PROBLEM SOLVED! Even tho I don't use Dropbox to store my genealogy, Dropbox was running! Thanks again for the prompt replies Virginia and Michael! Moving on to 9.3! Sincerely Jane
  3. It is set to make a backup in the default folder on my computer. I have checked the settings to make sure they have not been changed. I have the new 9.3 gold but I need a backup out of 8.8 before I can get any further. I only use my external drives for backups of my whole computer and I only have a few things in dropbox. Thank you both Virginia and Michael for trying to help! Jane
  4. I am trying to make a backup in Gold Version 8.8. I get a popup that states: Input file read failure-This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is blocked or restricted by another process. then the program finishes backup process but there is no backup. Jane Hollon
  5. Thank you Virginia! I haven't thought about color-coding them. Great idea! Could you post an example of your tag, the sentence structure?
  6. I know this topic is old but I too would like to know what is the best way to enter "Cause of Death". My reason is to be able to run a report of who all died of TB, Heart Attacks, Emphysema, Breast Cancer, etc.. Kinda like having a medical history as a lot of stuff is inherited. Maybe a "COD" tag of some sort. This is for my own reference. I am "very new" to TMG running TMG 8.8 Gold Edition. Jane