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  1. I am trying to make a backup in Gold Version 8.8. I get a popup that states: Input file read failure-This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is blocked or restricted by another process. then the program finishes backup process but there is no backup. Jane Hollon
  2. Thanks for the advice Michael! Much appreciated! Jane
  3. PROBLEM SOLVED! Even tho I don't use Dropbox to store my genealogy, Dropbox was running! Thanks again for the prompt replies Virginia and Michael! Moving on to 9.3! Sincerely Jane
  4. It is set to make a backup in the default folder on my computer. I have checked the settings to make sure they have not been changed. I have the new 9.3 gold but I need a backup out of 8.8 before I can get any further. I only use my external drives for backups of my whole computer and I only have a few things in dropbox. Thank you both Virginia and Michael for trying to help! Jane
  5. Thank you Virginia! I haven't thought about color-coding them. Great idea! Could you post an example of your tag, the sentence structure?
  6. I know this topic is old but I too would like to know what is the best way to enter "Cause of Death". My reason is to be able to run a report of who all died of TB, Heart Attacks, Emphysema, Breast Cancer, etc.. Kinda like having a medical history as a lot of stuff is inherited. Maybe a "COD" tag of some sort. This is for my own reference. I am "very new" to TMG running TMG 8.8 Gold Edition. Jane