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  1. Virginia Thanks for the info on "IsLockSet" (which is how mine looks, I just checked). It's good to know there is a logical explanation, and that nothing is wrong in that respect. There really should be something in help about this (or maybe there is & I just couldn't find it). I sent an email to support yesterday & really appreciate your help & everybody's help. Thanks to all Sydney
  2. Hi Virginia The lockset only comes up in TMG and then only when running optimize or validate, it doesn't come up other than that. The laptop is Vista home pro (blue splash screen) and the desk is XP pro (brown). I have v7 on the desk PC as well as v8.02. The laptop shows the program in the program& features (where you would go to uninstall it) on the administrators account but it doesn't show there in my account. I can see it on my account (as well as administrator account) in Program files X86. I'm guessing that's ok. I have only edited a small amount on the laptop, & won't do anymore. Should I uninstall both? Sydney
  3. Hi More problems in paradise. I don't know if I just got a poor install, or if there's something going on involving my shared folder. Since you know my set already, I decided to ask here instead of the list. 1- If I try to run optimize or validate file integrity on the laptop, I get a very small white window that says "Lockset". I have checked in the Data Set Manager, and the unlock is grayed out. There is no lock icon that I would expect to appear if it was actually locked. 2- I'm also wondering about the start up splash screens. The laptop has a new looking window that is blue, The desk PC's start up window is brown but does say 8.02. I don't know if this is ok or not. 3- One other problem on the desk PC is that although I use optimize & validate regularly (almost always both two times), I'm getting a window after validating that says (last time) 407 problems resolved ! This never happened in the past. I have done a lot of work on my project the last few days. If I have to do a reinstall (sigh) will I be able to use the same project, or a backup restored from it? I'm pretty frustrated. Sydney
  4. Access UK sources

    Thank you very much Sydney
  5. I am in the process of cleaning up my project before doing any additional research. I am using v8.02, US Gold. Is there a way to access the sources from the UK version? Looking over my sources & realize I need to do some tweaking. I would love to compare the UK TMG sources with the custom ones I have made before doling that. Is there a file I could import? Thanks, Sydney
  6. Yeah! I was frustrated when Robert said "I'm not clear what you mean by user data files" so I listed them to be clear. I had just set up my shared project folder Set up when I upgraded to v8.02. I struggled with the upgrade & wanted to make sure I hadn't done something "Sydneyish". Now I know I'll survive the next upgrade ok- which is just peachy. Thanks again- Sydney
  7. I have "The Master Genealogist v8" folder that contains: backUps, config, exhibits,exports, logs, projects, repeat, report, slideshow & timelines on my shared folder (although I use a separate folder for my project, backups & exhibits and backups get moved to a secure place). Thank you very much for everyone's help. All the discusion has made me feel a bit more confident that I am understanding things and everything is ok as is. Also, that doing a typical install, like I did, was all that was needed, not a custom install. Many thanks Thanks, Sydney
  8. Question 2- Yes, I agree- I didn't want to install the program on a shared drive, I just wanted to be able to share the project so I could do some editing on the laptop. I did include all the layouts, but that was definately not necessary- the laptop needs it's own layout. That said,is the best plan to: Do a typical install on both computers Direct both computers (using preferences) to the shared folder (where the user data files would be placed using Windows Explorer) Then delete the user data file folders fron the local drive(s) on both computers? Question 1- (still no answer) Can someone give me the sequence of prompts involved in the custom install option? I don't want to risk messing up the install I have by going throught the prompts again but I want to find out what is involved in a custom install. I cannot find this information anywhere. If it exists please point me in right direction. This sounds pretty dense I know, but, I would feel better getting some answers from someone. I'm getting old & my communication skill are not the best. Thanks, Sydney
  9. Hi I now finally have v8.02 installed on both desktop & laptop after much difficulty. I need to do some testing still to see if it all works properly, but it appears to be. I wonder if I should have done a custom install, but was nervous about doing that without more information. If I have to reinstall, (or if all is well for now I want to know for the next update), I have two questions: 1- Can someone tell me the specific steps/prompts that you go through to do a custom install? I can't find this info anywhere. When I started to try it, it looked like you had options as what you wanted installed at the beginning. I'm sure you would also have options as to where to install. I need to know how it works regardless what the answer to the second question below is. 2- What is the best way to do an install to a shared drive? In other words, should I have done a typical install on both computers and then redirected path locations to the shared folder in preferences (like I did), or is it better to do a custom install? I have read the help section articles on customizing & advanced file storage. Thanks! Sydney
  10. Reference value discrepancy

    Correct. Sorry that I was unclear. I have some screen shots done in Excell to help you understand my muddle- I don't know how to attach it. What is the best way to get it to you? Sydney I am using XP prof. I tried to restore a backup, but found the same problem. It's been awhile since I last used the program so I can't be 100% sure that the problem just started with the upgrade but I didn't see it until then. When I restored it included everything. I think I have old back ups of the cdx & ini files if I need them. Any attempts to make corrections have failed. Any ideas? Thanks, Sydney`
  11. I just started working on my project again. I just upgraded to v7.03 from 7.0 a couple of days ago. I am experiencing some problems & I'm wondering if this is a common occurrence or not. I couldn't find anything in the archives about a similar problem. Can I go back to v7.0? Reinstall? There is a discrepancy between the person view reference value and the value that shows when the "other info box" is opened. So, for instance, Person Id # 114 has no entry in the reference column. When the "other info box" (that is used to edit references) is opened, there is a value that goes with a different ID number. What is going on with this? Do I need to reinstall? If so how? Thanks, Sydney
  12. Repair Message

    Make sure that you change the name of your project using the program- do not use window explorer to change the project folder. How did you change it? If you used explorer, I would change it back to whatever it was using explorer. Then if you are unable to open TMG, you might try to open it by going into the sample project. Then close the sample project and use the rename project function. Sydney
  13. Deleting Names of Living People

    I am looking at some of the same issues & considering the following for my SSite construction which is in progress, but not published yet. First, I decided to only include non-living in my project using flags. Once that was done, I made a tag for use in SSite- as follwos: [P1G] <has|and [P2G] have> living issue; <[M]> Names and details are excluded to preserve privacy. [M] would be something like: "two sons and a daugher". I'm just now playing with this- so I'll most likely need to do some more tweaking, but that's the direction I'm headed now. Wouldn't mind some input on this idea! Sydney
  14. Is there a way to increase the length of the MSL abbreviation field? Sydney
  15. Personal document # for Souces

    Oh duh... now I understand- you enter the number there- but don't include it in the output. For some reason I did not get that at all. Thank you for your patience- I appreciate your help! Sydney