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  1. Wholly Gene Community

    As Virginia says, you don't need to subscribe to post - subscribing only notifies you of new topics in that forum. I agree it would be nice if the "Subscribe..." button refected that you were already subscribed. But in the meantime, you can review all your subscriptions from your control panel. I don't see an option to choose whether your post is to be communicated. That's controlled by whether or not any given user has subscribed to that forum. The only option I see related to e-mail is whether you want to receive e-mail notification of any replies to your post. You can control in your control panel what the default setting is for the e-mail notification of any replies to your post. I don't think most users would want a default setting that deluged them with e-mails. I'd think most users would want to follow a few topics, and would subscribe to them, ignoring the others. I don't think this is the place to discuss beta issues.
  2. Can't Chat -- it fails

    I just tested it and it worked fine for me with IE. I know it doesn't work properly with Opera. I'd make a guess that it's a firewall issue, since neither of your browsers will work with it.
  3. What is AVATAR?

    You're welcome. Glad it worked.
  4. What is AVATAR?

    Go to your control panel, and use the link on the left to Edit Avatar. On that screen you will see the specifications as to size and file types allowed. Create an image you like that meets those specs. Since it looks like you have a website, you could upload it to that site. Then, go back to the edit avatar screen and enter the address on the Link to field. I'd think it might be something like: http://www.davisbeantrees.com/myavatar.jpg though that would very depending on what you called the image and where you loaded it on your website.
  5. (NC) Boone TMG Users Group

    Contact: Terry Reigel at terry@reigelridge.com or 828-268-0637. Meeting info: Irregular meetings, at the Watauga Co. Library in Boone. Other info: Our meetings are generally discussion and demonstrations of topics of interest to members. We are a small group and welcome ideas and suggestions from all interested persons.
  6. Where is the spell checker?

    I haven't either, but that would be a drawback to me if the board saw heavy use.
  7. What is AVATAR?

    What you see at the left on this message. You can pick from a list (actually three) or upload your own. Terry