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  1. can no longer add a tag to a record

    Right-click on any tag in the tag box. Half way down is "Filter for..." Open that submenu and click on what ever has a check box in front of it.
  2. Just upgrading from TMG 7.04 to TMG 9

    Danny, If you download and install TMG 9 you will have a 30-day free trial. To continue using it after that you need a TMG 9 license, which you can currently purchase from Harry as Jim's link above directs.
  3. Handling sons of the American revolution info

    Bob, If you really mean Sources, and not Source Types, of course you see the same Source. But try to print notes for them and you will see a total mess if you have done any customization of Source Types. If you mean Source Types, you will have the same number of Source Types, but the Templates will be restored to the original and any Sources you created based on your customized Source Types will not produce the same notes as before.
  4. Handling sons of the American revolution info

    Bob, You are well advised not to use Initialize - it would indeed make a total mess of your source types and sources. If you don't have a Lineage Application Source Type it has apparently been deleted from your project. You can create a new one, either using the templates Jim shows above, or using the original ones, which are: Full Footnote: Lineage application of [sUBJECT], [APPLIED TO]. Short Footnote: [APPLIED TO], [sUBJECT]. Biblo: [APPLIED TO], Application of [sUBJECT]. Reminder: Source Definition: - Title - not used in output; optionally enter a description. - Subject - enter the name of the subject of the application in the form "GivenName Surname". - Applied to - enter the name of the lineage organization. - Volume - enter the volume number, e.g. "volume 456" (optional). - File Number - enter the file number of the application, e.g., "national no. 12345" (optional). - Comments (Supplemental tab) - enter comments about the letter (optional). Citation: - Citation Detail - enter notes about how the source supports information in the tag (optional). My Source Type is a variation of the default one: Full Footnote: [sUBJECT] application, [APPLIED TO], approved [DATE]. Short Footnote: [sUBJECT] application, [APPLIED TO]. The [sF GIVEN NAME] element is a custom one to insert the given name in the full footnote when I have multiple sources from subjects with the same surname.
  5. Handling sons of the American revolution info

    If you have copies of the actual applications, I would use the standard Lineage Application source type to create the sources. If you instead have only indexes I would use other source types. I don't consider applying for a lineage society a recordable event, so I wouldn't use any specific tag for that. I do cite the applications as sources in all the tags that record the information found there - Name, Birth, Marriage, Death, and Military Service.
  6. Just upgrading from TMG 7.04 to TMG 9

    You're welcome, Len.
  7. Just upgrading from TMG 7.04 to TMG 9

    Len, You may find my article on Moving Data to New Computer or Version helpful. Pay special attention to the part about updating paths.
  8. Lost database from TMGW 8 UK ED

    Kaye, Why can't you download from Wholly Genes? If you don't have them the links are in my article at http://tmg.reigelridge.com/future.htm#wait But you should be able to re-install with the copy of the installer you saved when you realized that TMG was no longer in development.
  9. TMG V9 does not include spouse data in journal reports

    Judy, That sounds like you are seeing exactly what I described. If you choose "Only children that are carried forward" you are seeing all tags because these children are not being carried forward. Therefore they do not get only the BMDB tags. If you choose "All Children" they get only the BMDB tags because that rule is then applied to all children, whether or not they are carried forward.
  10. TMG V9 does not include spouse data in journal reports

    Judy, Children "carried forward" (that is, who have their own section) have only a brief section when listed under their parents. That section displays only birth, marriage/divorce, death and burial tags. On the Tags section of the Journal Options you can choose to exclude some of these tags, and you can also choose one of three levels of detail for them. By default children who are not carried forward will display all their tags in the listing under their parents. These tags are displayed in full narrative format based on the Sentences in those tags. Depending on how many tags a person has, a child's listing under his or her parent could go on for pages - just like it would if that person did have his or her own section. This result happens when you choose the "Only children that are carried forward" option. But if you choose the "All children" option, children not carried forward get the same brief BMDB section as those who are carried forward.
  11. TMG V9 does not include spouse data in journal reports

    Judy, If you choose "all children" all of the children get the abbreviated events, even if they don't have their own sections later.
  12. Incomplete backup

    George, Yes, you can restore a new backup over the existing project. But I'd recommend that instead you restore it to a new subfolder so you can compare them before you decide which to use. The primary reason for an incomplete backup, assuming you have specified that is was to include all people, is interference from another program. The most common culprit is a cloud backup or sync program. Some anti-virus programs also have been found to interfere with backups.
  13. Number of people in particular family?

    Judy, Sure. Create a List of People Report with a filter like: Is a Descendant ... of ID# ... {enter ID number of ancestor] ... END When the Filter Progress screen appears you can read the number of people on the right. You don't need the actual report; you can even cancel it as soon as it starts to generate.
  14. Immigration filter

    It would appear that you want to use the List of People report, since you are asking for people. But it cannot include the date of the Immigration Tag. So instead I would suggest a List of Events report. Use a filter like: Tag Type... Label ... Contains ... {insert part of the Label of your Immigration Tag here} ... End Then open Options and set the Output Columns to include the ID# and/or "Given Last" for Prin1, and optionally for Prin2. Include the Date and any other field you think useful. The result will be a list of events, but will look like a list of people. You can sort on ID#, name, or whatever you like.
  15. Add universal sentence

    Doris, Yes, it's possible to add tag to everyone, but doing so in a way that produces anything useful after it is processed by the receiving site is pretty difficult. After some experimentation I found a way to do that for Ancestry, but found it easier to add it to the GEDCOM after it is created than from a Tag in TMG. The problem is Ancestry doesn't process information from Tags in a way that makes that useful. For details about how I did it see my article on Uploading Your Data to a Public Site. I didn't try to put a link in but instead referred the reader to Ancestry's "Owner" link. I don't know whether Ancestry would allow a direct link to an outside site. I've not tried to do this with other sites so don't know whether the same approach will work. I doubt that this particular method will because Ancestry does some strange things with uploaded tags.
  16. Change font in memo

    John, The only way to change a smaller font size in TMG reports is to chose a Font that you have set to a smaller size for other purposes. If there is none you have two alternatives that I see: 1. Send the report to a word processor, and change it manually. 2. Use the Left Indent feature instead to set of this text. If you are using output to Second Site you have other options, but you don't mention that you are.
  17. List of people

    Tom, The only way I know is to create a Kinship report, send it to Word, and delete everyone but the listing of first cousins. It's not that hard this way.
  18. Guidance for a TMG Newbie

    Andy, Since no one is ready to continue her work now, the need to upgrade to TMG9 for your use is not really there. However I suspect you will have better luck importing to another program if you start with the current version of TMG. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on that will chime in. Yes, you can buy a license from Harry. There is a cost, but you would have to get that from him. The time it takes is the time it takes you to exchange emails, and for you to download the installer. There are several types of reports that will output the data she has entered. An Ancestor or Descendants report like the Journal will capture the data and put it in narrative form, but how well that will read depends on how she entered the data. These reports show relationships between parents and children. They can include images if they are saved as exhibits. The more traditional genealogical reports, the Family Group Sheet and Pedigree charts will not provide narrative output, but do show relationships. The FGS can show all of the events that are recorded. I think one of the above types will capture the most information. The Individual Detail report shows the most detail of what is recorded about each person but does not include any parent/child relationship information. There are several decent programs that can directly import TMG data. None can capture all of what TMG can record, but how much is lost depends on exactly how the TMG data has been entered and which features have been used. The loss may be significant, or may not be. Those with experience with these imports can provide more specific information, and hopefully will.
  19. Handling spouses in Descendant box chart

    There is. The spouses don't have the Flag set to Y, so they don't exist as far as the chart is concerned. Thus they are "unknown." A Focus Group will do nothing for you. You cannot use a Focus Group to control who is in a chart. A Focus Group can only be used to control the starting persons of a chart. If you use a focus group you will get a set of charts, one starting with each person in the FG. There is no "appropriate position." The Flag is not a standard Flag. You invented it, so it means whatever you want it to. Why did you invent it and what do you hope too use it for? Turning of the Flag Restriction. Why did you turn it on in the first place? A Descendants Box Chart will include only descendants and their spouses by definition so I don't see how it could be helpful.
  20. Handling spouses in Descendant box chart

    Bob, If I'm understanding, you have created a Flag the family line that is set to Y for descendants of that line, but not for their spouses. Then you are specifying that this Flag must be set to Y in order to include them in the chart. Is that the case? If so, you can't have it both ways. If you specify that only people with the Flag set to Y, you will only get people with the Flag set to Y. As long as you don't set the Flag to Y for the spouses they will not be included. You will have to either remove the Flag restriction on the chart or set the Flag to Y for the spouses. The purpose of that Flag option is to limit those who appear in the chart to those with the specified setting. There is no provision for exceptions to that setting if you use it.
  21. TMG 8 with Windows 10?

    Assuming there is no way to recover it from your prior installation, the only way I know is to email support at WG and ask for it. Last I heard there was someone there who eventually will find your email and reply. Failing that you could update to TMG 9 while serial numbers are still available. The link to the only dealer with a stock of them is in the same article.
  22. Trial Expired

    You're welcome, Sue, Would you be willing to share what the issue turned out to be? It's helpful for us to learn what part of our advise was helpful.
  23. TMG 8 with Windows 10?

    You need to find or get a copy of the TMG8 installer and use it to install the program. Directions for getting the installer are included in my article.
  24. Trial Expired

    Sue, The reasons a serial number is not accepted are: 1. Using a different email address than used when the number was obtained. 2. Entering your name differently than used when the number was obtained. 3. Using a serial number for a different version of TMG. 4. Typing it in and making mistakes - it's best to copy and paste. If these don't help you have two choices. You can email support at WG and at last report someone eventually will respond with the information. Or, you can buy a new serial number from Harry.
  25. Trial Expired

    Sue, You mean you tried the "Trouble Report" method and it didn't work? Or is it something else you tried that didn't work? Do you get the "expired trial version" notice when you open TMG? If you open Help > About do you see a message about that? Do you see your name and serial number on that screen? Is there a command on the Help menu to enter a serial number?