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  1. Backup Error

    I do appreciate your comments and you make some valid suggestions. However, in my own case I am still recovering from a HDD failure in Nov 2017. Part of what saved my bacon was a combined backup that included both exhibits and all other TMG details and database. As a result of finding that single copy that had backed up to a free account on Amazon I was able to recover approximately 90% of my exhibits and all but the last 3 months of my database changes. Still it has taken me nearly $2,000 and 5 months of tedious labor to replace the last 10%. Just FYI, I now backup both the exhibits and the TMG files daily. That is probably overkill but I'm a little gun shy now. My advice to anyone else listening is whatever you do, backup your important data regularly (no less than weekly) and in at least two separate places with one of those being in a separate physical location. Just my own considered opinion.
  2. Backup Error

    Thank you for the response. I should have noted that the 110 missing exhibit files is an old image that I had. The missing exhibits were identified best by TMG Utility. As for Second Site I have recently updated an output file for my own use with everyone in the database (including living) and did not get any errors. So unfortunately I'm still stuck. Currently I'm backing up the Exhibits separately and using TMG 9 to backup the database and other related files. I'm hoping to identify the problem because backing up everything with one file is far superior to bits and pieces if I ever have to rebuild this project again.
  3. Backup Error

    Any thoughts on how to identify the bad exhibit? If the exhibits pass through John's TMG Utility and File>Maintenance>Validate File Integrity any clues on what I should look for? I have 8,886 exhibits attached it would be pretty onerous to delete them one at a time to find the one(s) that are buggering things up. Again I appreciate your help.
  4. Backup Error

    Thank you, Jim for the suggestion. I have run the TMG 9 installer and chose Repair. I had tried to run the Backup without external Exhibits previously and that did work. After repairing TMG 9 that method also still works. However, backing up everything including external Exhibits still gives me the exception error and no *.sqz file in the default folder. Would a clean install correct this possibly?
  5. Backup Error

    Currently using TMG 9.05 on Win 10. Using the Backup function and an error. I am using the Backup All Option on the Backup Wizard. I set the Compression to: Normal. The Wizard returns (after a minute or two) a message that says: “OLE exception error: Exception code c00000fd. OLE object may be corrupt” I can choose either: Cancel, Ignore or Help. If I choose Ignore it responds with a message saying, “Backup to G:\Genealogy\Backups\2012 September Final__7.sqz is complete.” The only problem is that there is no such file that exists anywhere on my PC. I have run John’s excellent TMG Utility and checked the exhibit paths and all is good. I have also run the File-Maintenance-Validate File Integrity and everything came up clean as a whistle. I’m out of ideas on what else I should check. Does anyone know what causes the exception error? Any workarounds?
  6. Count Tags by Person

    Michael, Thank you very much for the response. You confirmed my fears. Can't get there from here. Unfortunately I currently have 49 unique custom Census tags and so "multiple" runs would be a vast understatement. What I was hoping for was a way to simply count the number of tags attached to an individual with a given attribute such as GEDCOM = CENS.
  7. I am trying to count the number of custom census tags by person. My thought is that I want to set a custom flag that contains the current number of census tags for each individual. I am using TMG 8.04. Am I trying to do the impossible?
  8. Cannot seem to find any info on this, so I'll ask the forum. I have run the Validate File Integrity under Maintenance and when viewing the Last VFI.log I encounter an item that I cannot understand the meaning of...not too surprising I'm sure. The item is: 30-01-2013, 16:01:08 !>** preparing Image Back Is this secret code for something? Am I missing something? Thanks for any insight... Terrance
  9. Multiple Parents

    That does work, and I do appreciate the reply, except it also includes anyone who has step parents. Any way to eliminate adopted, step parents?
  10. Multiple Parents

    I have several people who I need to do more research on to determine who is the correct parents. In the mean time, I have a primary and non-primary set of Father-Bio and/or Mother-Bio. I am looking for a way to locate these individuals in my database...any ideas? Terrance
  11. Checking for multiple names

    John, Thank you for the rapid response. I am still not sure how to select people with multiple name tags (which is OK) from those with multiple name tags in which there is no data (name) attached. In other words, I am finding individuals who have multiple name tags and one of the name tags has a valid citation, but no name.
  12. I have tried to figure this out on my own, but obviously I'm not smart enough. I need to run a query to find individuals with more than one name associated with the person. I am particularly interested in finding those where the given name may be blank.