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  1. A squeak from support today shortly followed by another, duplicate, but it didn't work (why I ever expected it to do so I don't know). Please download and reinstall TMG V8.0 from this link http://www.whollygenes.com/files/tmg8setup800.exe Then do the following. This process has worked for other users who have had similar problems to yours. Uninstall TMG V8 from the Control Panel. If TMG V8 does not show up in the Control Panel close the Control Panel and continue with the next step. Go to C:Program Files or C:Program Files (x86) OR if you did a custom install go to that location. Then delete any remnant The Master Genealogist V8 folder. Then delete the installer folder at either of these two locations depending on your operating system. C:ProgramDataThe Master Genealogist v8 Installer or C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataThe Master Genealogist v8 Installer Download the 30 Day Free Trial of TMG from the www.whollygenes.com website. SAVE that file to your computer. When the download completes right click on the file name (TMGV8setup.exe) and select RUN or double click on the file name to run it. Install and be sure to use the same program folder that you used for the current installation. Enter your registration information if necessary. Also... When some WinVista/Win7 users say nothing is happening, there is a UAC prompt minimized to the taskbar waiting for the user to respond.
  2. The same thing appears to have happened to me and I can't get a squeak out of Support nor can I find a trace of TMG8 on my computer. There seems to have been a disaster with each version of TMG. I was prevented from installing 7 as I had 6 so that I could continue with the programme and data on an external drive. Quite frankly I feel that TMG support should learn to produce a product which runs as their customer wants (and has asked, with that customer's problems solved and not left outstanding for a couple of versions). What genealogy prog is there which will work from a TMG database?
  3. WordPerfect Support?

    I tend to use just the descendant indented narrative or the journal in WordPerfect, as you say most of the rest is fine "as is". Usually all I need to do is to sort out the position of the exhibits and play with the widows and orphans especially when the same document has to be sent to different countries using different paper sizes.
  4. WordPerfect Support?

    I too wish to confess that I am a closet WordPerfect user. Though most of my output is to SecondSight my only word processing software is WordPerfect and I am damned if I am going to change. I take it that this is yet another example of no warning to up-graders, once is accidental but more than that amounts to mis-selling.
  5. Upon running V8 I find that all my carefully prepared screen layouts in V7 have gone down the drain, which drain should I be looking in to apply them to V8? Upon editing a layout in V8 I find that I am unable to move Name/Place without it dragging the date with it, all I want to do is increase the white space after date.
  6. Screen Layout Files

    That's fine if you are an advanced user but you should understand the consequences. TMG7 and TMG8 are different programs. They have different default program folders and will have different default data paths (including different default Projects folders). When a project is updated from TMG7 to TMG8, all of the paths used by the project will be set to the default TMG8 paths. If they need to be set to custom paths, then you need to edit the Advanced tab paths in Preferences. When you update a TMG7 project to TMG8, it can no longer be opened by TMG7. It is much cleaner and less confusing to keep the TMG7 and TMG8 programs and data cleanly separated from one another. If you are an advanced user and use custom data paths, then you know already how to manage such things. Thanks for all the advice. I was doing the upgrade at about 4am because I couldn't sleep having flown into London from LA. I read the backup warning as the usual "Make a backup before you go go" so I made the usual backup and carried on. Nowhere did I see any instruction about using the backup itself nor making a full backup. When I reached the welcome screen and the programme wanted to know the location of my .pjc file I gave it the existing location - simple really, except that it appears to have been wrong. Maybe consideration should be given to increasing the size of the health warning on the packet. The Wholly Genes newsletter probably lurks amongst several hundred as yet unread e-mails, offering me untold riches, and even nirvana itself.
  7. Screen Layout Files

    I am very sorry to say so, John, but that's not the recommended method. see i.e. here "Wholly Genes latest Newsletter" http://www.whollygen...showtopic=14125 section "Advice for Upgrading Users" Possibly Wholly Genes could make this advice available when a customer purchases an upgrade rather than hiding it in some newsletter. I wonder what other data, layouts, accents etc that I have lost because of this lack of instructions?
  8. Screen Layout Files

    I did nothing about a backup. When V8 asked me for the project I just told it where to go! i.e. the V7 project.
  9. I need to find a way to distinguish some text in some memos. What I am attempting to do is to make published obituaries, which I have copied from papers or journals, look different from the default text for the rest of the memo. I presently cut and paste the text and insert it with a couple a carriage returns into the Death or Burial Tag memo field. I have tried changing the point size but this goes haywire as does the line spacing, when I output to Second Site or to a printed report. In a perfect world a "Smaller Text" button as one finds in Thunderbird would be ideal. I'd even settle for a compressed form of the default font if I could find a way to call it. Has anyone already invented the wheel or found a way around this problem? I can't use italics because they are already in use in the memo.
  10. Thank you both for solving my problem. I had the same feeling when I got my first golf-ball typewriter
  11. Surely we should all be celebrating a thanksgiving AFTER TMG 8 is released
  12. Point size

    Sometime I need part of the text in a memo to be a smaller size than normal - usually when I have just cut and pasted an obit. When I view the entry in Ind. Narrative Preview I have to go down to point size 6 to get a smaller font than the rest. Now point size 6 is tiny in printing terms and I worry what its effect will be in reports and on Second Site. Does point size in TMG equate to point size in printing terms? Is there some command that will allow text to be 2 points smaller than the predetermined size of text in a memo? This is what the memo currently looks like on screen if you click it!
  13. My brain is on strike today. On checking my exhibit file of *.jpg I find some duplicate images with different file names, obviously used for different people. How do I find the owners of the image files?
  14. Exhibit link

    Thank you John, I should have guessed that you had already anticipated our needs, as always.
  15. The Future for TMG

    There are times when I feel that being a customer of Wholly Genes is like being a citizen of a democratic country. You vote them into power because they are the best thing since sliced bread, and they offer you a nice tax break. You haven't a clue what they are doing for the next four years and just as you finally decide to jump ship and go for the opposition party they come up with another nice package. Suits me - since they haven't got us into a couple of wars in the meantime.
  16. Having just installed TMG7 (UK ed) on a Windows 7 system with two monitors of different resolution I find that the TMG screen does not resize correctly after I restore down and move it across to the 2nd monitor and maximise it. It worked fine under XP but under Windows 7 it truncates the right and bottom edges of the screen. I suspect that this is more of a Windows display problem than a TMG one, but trying to solve it is a prescription for madness.
  17. I see that over the years in various versions of TMG the Find/Replace (Ctrl F) function has and hasn't worked. In V7 I find that it will work once only in a memo field; this is of little help as more and more images of text are available on the net and using OCR software I need to clean up the resulting text in a memo field. Often it is no more than finding and deleting the hyphen translation of line breaks. .... or has this already been solved and I have missed the solution? John
  18. Search/Replace

    Thanks Jim. I had only ever looked at the edit drop down menu when the Edit Tag screen was just open, never when it was maximised, so I didn't realise that the menu changed! TMG does have a habit of hiding it lights under too many bushels
  19. I can't find a variable which will force the use of a woman's married name in a sentence eg. "She is probably the Alice [Married Name] whose death was registered in December 1909 in Bristol" And whilst I am here, has there been any sign of implementation of a very old wish of mine that we can use a surname only variable in sentences?
  20. Married name variable

    I don't know how many times I have looked at that screen and not realised that was anything significant. (A quick calculation suggests about 144,000 times). Thanks for all the advice.
  21. I have a tag with a custom sentence structure" [M1] <on [D]> [M2]. " The memo reads" [M1]Rector of Blanckebir[y] [M2]when he received letters of protection from the king " and the outcome is: (an unknown value) Rector of Blanckebir[y] (an unknown value) when he received letters of protection from the king on 11 Jan 1283 (an unknown value). What am I doing wrong ?
  22. Sentence structure problem

    Thanks. Didn't even know it was a problem with TMG.
  23. Sentence structure problem

    Does this apply in name fields and other defined fields as well?
  24. Sentence structure problem

    If I'm reading the above correctly you do not include [M1] and [M2] in the memo... you separate the segments by || thus the memo should read as (without the quotes) "Rector of Blankebir[y]||when he received letters of protection from the king" I'll name myself Goofey before anyone else does. I simply wasn't thinking and when I found Memo Part 1 etc on my mouse right click on the memo field I assumed that something had changed since last I wrote such a sentence. Thanks.
  25. I use a portable external drive for my TMG Project, exhibits etc and simply plug it into whichever machine I am using. This also allows me to back it up to the hard drive of the respective computer.