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  1. Thanks from me also. Almost 7 years after the above posts, it is still helping folks like me!
  2. V8/9 Exhibits

    My exhibits are in a "version-neutral" location - - a separate folder in my c:drive called MY DATABASES. And this folder name is referenced as the "Exhibit folder" in file/preferences/advanced. btw, this is also the location I use for the tmg backups, which then gets moved to an offsite location once a week. I can see a big headache if a user wants to move the exhibits to a different folder. Why? ... the path to the each external exhibit is stored individually in tmg. A user would have to re-add each exhibit, one-by-one, to re-establish the new path. I'm a new user, so I haven't looked at the available utilities yet. Perhaps there is a utility that "fixes" all exhibit paths when we move them to a different folder (?).
  3. TMG9 a Huge Disappointment

    I began using genealogy software in 1991 with Roots3. In Feb 2000, with a new WIndows 98 computer, I migrated to Ultimate Family Tree (UFT). Soon after, I learned that UFT was to be no longer supported. I bought TMG4.0 in December 2000, but lost interest in doing another migration. I continued using UFT on the Windows98 computer until Feb 2014, when I bought TMG9.0 for my Windows7 laptop. I migrated to TMG4, and then to TMG9. The migration from UFT to TMG went pretty smooth, altho I spent quite abit of time massaging my data. I'm impressed with everything TMG can do. Many times I think of things that would be neat to do or search for . . . and lo-and-behold I find that TMG can do it! Someone has already thought of it! Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I'm happy with finally reaching a plateau with new and powerful software. TMG9 is not a disappointment for me. I love it.
  4. TMG 9.01 install errors. please help.

    Jim, I'm having the bblistviewv problem when trying to upgrade from 9.0 to 9.01 through the program. manually registering bblistviewx did not work. So, I was interested in the procedure outlined on 28 Feb. 1. download the trial version to get the latest installer 2. uninstall any existing tmg9 installation 3. delete tmg9 program folder 4. delete the v9 installer folder. 5. try the latest v9.01 installer. Here is what I did - - (1) started download of the trial version. it brings me to a screen with 3 choices a. modify. allow users to change the way features are installed b. repair. repair errors in the most recent installation state - fixes missing or corrupt files, shortcut and registry entries c. remove. removes tmgv9 from your computer. I chose b. repair. it finished, and then it was gone. Here is what I did next. 1. opened TMG application. I was surprised to find that it loaded my data, in view of how the upgrade to 9.01 crashed the first time. 2a. checked for updates (help/check for an update). 2b. it says my software is up-to-date. 3. I checked my version (help/about TMG). it says I have v9.01.0000 So, now I'm wondering if I really do have v9.01.0000 in all its capacity. If so, I'm glad I didn't do steps 2-5 (uninstall and delete of folders) of your Feb 28 procedure. maybe something has changed with the procedure for resolving this bblistviewx issue, if so, then my notes above will help someone follow the correct procedure. Please advise! Thanks. Kal Perry