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  1. Chart printing

    If you are running on a Windows Version later than XP, the printer driver was changed for the worse. See attached screen capture for properties of TMG 9 shortcut. Run in compatibility mode of Win XP SP3, also run as an administrator. This will give you a bunch of size options, may have to use a different PDF tool like PDFCreator. I use Adobe's and can create sizes larger than E size. Edit 2-15-2020 - Seems I was lucky with this working on my first try with WinXP SP3 compatibility mode. I don't fully understand all the issues yet so this is want I have and what seems to work. I am running Windows 10 build 1909 on a desktop PC I have a printer driver loaded for Epson Stylus Pro 11880 which is 64" wide and roll feed so it can go pretty long. I do not have that printer or ever had it, just wanted a driver for a device so I could set VCF Page Setup - page size to more values, back when I was running under XP. I also have an old version of Adobe Acrobat 8.0 loaded which supports a wide range of page sizes. I have now discovered that the large pages sizes in VCF Page Setup can come and go. I can get them back by exiting VCF then going to Control Panel - Printer Server Properties - clicking Change Form Setting and then OK, the starting VCF. Attached a 2nd screen capture of dialog boxes for printer. I think some other ways work for this to happen, but was not paying attention to how it happened to work those times. One time I did a print to Acrobat with VCF Page Setup set to Letter size changed page size in Acrobat property dialog to D Size and it printed letter size in a corner of D size, then when I went back to VCF Page Setup larger sizes were there. Have not done this enough to how or what works reliably. Seems like Windows 10 (using Win XP SP3 mode) has to be tickled just right for those large page sizes to show up, but it is possible and you may have play a little with things.
  2. Until this year most of my new information was vetted in TMG. I now find a fair amount of new information via my uploaded GEDCOM tree on Ancestry.com. Their Hints and searches make it easy to find tree members, sources and add them. Now this leaves me with lots of additional information on my Ancestry tree, that I can download as a GEDCOM. While I know "easy" means it is easy to get junk data, I do vetting of this data before I download the GEDCOM. While not happy with some of the new user interface directions Ancestry.com has taken, I am impressed with the UI for merging records into a tree maintained on Ancestry. The "show relations" option for later census records is very powerful, along with ability to drill down into detail giving more control over merge. It gives the ability to merge a family quickly. While a powerful merge feature can get one in trouble it seems very useful where you are merging two data sources that you are maintaining. I would like to see a merge more like the one Ancestry provides, where you can quickly in one screen review a number of family members and then merge them. Thanks Cliff
  3. Merge - feature request

    Thank you for your concern about going to the dark side. But I find Ancestry just another tool, like a hammer it can help or hurt depending on how it is used. Bad practices is how a user uses things, and you sure can break your hand with a hammer. For example suppose one uses Ancestry to attach only census records to their online tree and wants bring those source links back into TMG, is that crossing the line if they want a quick way to do that? Maybe?, but if they double checked that the records were the right families and matched their core data before the merge, I think they qualify for a quicker way to merge. Cliff Errr... to my mind the more removed TMG is from anything even remotely resembling anything on Ancestry the better off TMG wil be in the long run. Ancestry promotes and enables bad genealogical practices - the very opposite of TMG. Long may they never meet!