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  1. V 9.05 Install

    Hi All I am using v9.04, having used TMG for over a decade, updating promptly each time an update became available - although I tend to wait a month just to assess possible update problems as reported on various forums...... For the first time an update - v9.05 - seems to be presenting some problems, and it is not clear that these are being solved to everyone's satisfaction..... Consequently I am nervous about updating to v9.05 Can the experts reassure me please? and tell me the disadvantages of NOT updating? (i.e. continuing with v9.04) Thank you in advance Geoff in sunny Sevilla, Andalucia
  2. alternatives now or in the future?

    I'm not an expert, but if you bought TMG online, I think that you should have received an email with the code? Can you still access your emails? Can you open TMG at all? If so you can access the code through the Help heading, and then About TMG........ I'm sure that someone with more knowledge than me will reply soon...... Good luck
  3. Hi Erik Wondered if Jim's suggestion had worked? Could you let us know please?
  4. This is a bit worrying - could any expert review this, and please advise before the rest of us amateurs upgrade..... Incidentally, I'm currently using 9.03 on Windows 8.1 64bit Thanks very much in advance!