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  1. Outdated web page: Home > Companion Products

    The web page Home > Companion Products is outdated for several products. http://www.whollygenes.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&refid=NEWS&Category_Code=COMPANION Second Site v2 is now v5, GedStar PRO is now for Android, Prices are also outdated. torleif
  2. V7 performing very slowly in Windows Vista

    I see no special speed difference btw v6 and v7 both running side by side on my Vista Business Dell. TorleifH
  3. Haugodegard, Torleif

    The Royal family of Norway, with ancestors in UK, Denmark, Sweden. http://www.tha.no/maud-angelica-p/index.htm Language is Norwegian.
  4. tmg-basen

    Contact: Torleif Haugodegard Meeting info: No meetings so far Web site: TMG Norge (Googlegruppe) Mailing list: Søk om medlemsskap via hjemmesida. Other info: Established 2009, 500+ medlemmer. -------------------- Torleif Haugodegard, Hamar, Norway. TMG page (Norwegian language)