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  1. "Variable Go Term Not found" msg in windows 11

    Yes. It was very helpful.
  2. I installed Windows 11 using Parallels on my mac. I then installed TMG 9 and had no issues. Ran it an restored my project file from the backup. Closed TMG and then reopened it and got the message "Variable Go Term not found". I did a repair via the installer, then uninstalled and reinstalled TMG several times. Always I would get the message after trying to open TMG a second time. What i causing this and how can I fix it? Related to Windows 11, I cannot find the location of the *.lo files. Thanks. Bob
  3. "Variable Go Term Not found" msg in windows 11

    Guys Thanks for the info. It was my exhibits path that was having a problem. I selected default when I opened the project again and this issue went away., funny Thing: The "default" path is the one I originally setup. At least that is what is seems like as all of my exhibits are displayed when checking. Thanks again.
  4. Cannot open TMG 9.05

  5. Cannot open TMG 9.05

    I was copying my project via backup and restore from my mac computer to my laptop. while restoring, I got an error message saying the layout was no longer valid and the system locked up to where I had to force quit the app. When I tried reopening it, the screen would flash gray then nothing. I did a repair, and nothing. I deleted my old project files thinking that it would go right into restore and the same thing happened. I uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing happens. I do this quite regularly and never had an issue before. What happened and What else can I do? Thanks.
  6. Cannot open TMG 9.05

    Thanks. Worked like a charm.
  7. Ancestry and j2k format

  8. Just noticed that some of the documents I downloaded from Ancestry to use as exhibits In my TMG9.05 have changed from JPG to J2K, which TMG does not seem to handle well. I tried loading the image into my photo editing software (Adobe Photo Elements 12) to change image to JOPg but the software does not recognize that format. What exactly is the J2K format and is there a work around to get the image to display in TMG. Thanks
  9. Adding existing spouse

    Merry Christmas. I entered a new female ancestor who was married to an existing male record. When I enter the spouses name in the 'add Husband' screen, I get the prompt of a matching record and end up pulling the pick list with the husband's name. However, I cannot select that record to add as her spouse and I cannot figure out another method to add him. How can I add and existing record to a new person as a spouse? Thanks. (Yes, I am actually doing genealogy on Christmas Day.)
  10. Adding existing spouse

    Ahhh, so simple. Thanks.
  11. Last couple of days, strange things have been happening with my project database. I back up during and after all of my sessions. Yesterday morning, I opened it and found that a lot of my records, exhibits and sources had been lost. Weird part is that it was not the last records I had entered, but 20 or so records prior. There records were even missing from my recent backups. I started re-entering the records and stopped to take a break. When I returned, I couldn't open my database because it was already in use, even though windows said (after I closed TMG, no programs were running. Then TMG opened in repair mode. I had to restore from a backup to get operating again. Anyone have any ideas what is happening?
  12. Weird database happenings

    Well, I don't sync to a cloud and I've not had a power outage or spike. My TMG had been closed for several hours so and task manager did not show TMG running, so I don't know. Weird things had been happening to me lately so I'll just write this off as one of them. Maybe the eclipse?
  13. Weird database happenings

    Thanks Michael. Don't know how that happened, but it's Been one of those days.
  14. Configuring a backup

    Is there a way to configure the backup to EXCLUDE external exhibits? I sometimes forget to uncheck the box on the second backup screen. I've looked at all the preferences but could find the answer.
  15. Configuring a backup

    Terry, Thanks, exactly what I wanted.
  16. Note: ALL exhibits are external. I recently saw a thread on the rootsweb news list (which I cannot send queries to for some reason, but that is another topic) dealing with exhibits as part of the backup. The end result seemed to indicate that it was better not to include exhibits as part of the back up. Up til now, I have been including my exhibits (a little over 1200) as part of my regular backup. Is this necessary? My backups go a lot faster without inclusion. What do I gain by including my external exhibits in my backup? Or, what do I lose by not including them? My process is that after each session, I copy my exhibits from my desktop to my laptop. I then copy my backup to and restore on my laptop, Since I run TMG on parallels on my Macs, I use iCloud drive for the transfers. This way, when I travel, everything is up to date. Thanks.
  17. Thanks Terry. I already have the backup process in place. My question related to whether or not I needed to include them with my TMG backup. And I don't.
  18. Dating an Adoption

    I have a child born 5 Oct, 1870. Her bio-mother died 17 Oct 1870. The child was adopted by her husband's sister upon the bio-mother's death, sometime aft 17 Oct, 1870. When I add the child-adopt tag to the Aunt and her husband, it assigns a date of 5 Oct 1870 when it should be aft 17 Oct 1870. How can I change the date? Thanks.
  19. Dating an Adoption

    Michael and Jim Thanks. Guess I have some studying to do.
  20. Dating an Adoption

    If I understand correctly, I entered the child with her bio-parents. I use the adoption tag to show she's been adopted with her adopt- parents as witnesses. Since modifying the sentences wil indicate relationship only when printing reports, How do I show the relationship when viewing the adoptive parents per individual view? Or do I want to?
  21. Dating an Adoption

    Jim I must be dense. I tried using the Adoption tag, but no matter how I enter the principles, either the child is shown as adopted with no adoptive parents indicated, or the adoptive parents are shown adoption each other. I cannot get the child to show as being adopted by each adoptive parent. What am I doing wrong?
  22. I am using TMG on a Mac via parallels. Is there a chart or document that shows TMG keystrokes and their equivalent under Paralells? I ran into this situation and I to handle it via a workaround: I was adding a spouse through the add person screen. When the alert appeared suggesting I had the person in my database already, I clicked on it and the person appeared in my pick list. For the life of me, I could not select that person as the spouse. I ended closing the pick list and selecting her in a different manner. Thanks.
  23. TMG keystroke conversion

    Thanks Jim
  24. TMG keystroke conversion

    Jim Thanks for the response. Glenn's PDF did not really provide what I wanted. Lacking any known keystroke conversion for Parallels, is there a template of chart that lists the keystrokes and hotkey shortcuts for TMG? I seem to remember someone posting such a document awhile (years?) ago. With that, I may be able to figure out what I need to do in Parallels.