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  1. Page Numbering Missing from Journal Report in MS Word

    After an hour of trial and error it ended up being a glitch in MS Word with printer/page settings. Everything on the TMG side was checked and correct so all is well now...
  2. I opened a Journal Report in MS Word so I could have an index and on printing it out I notice that the page numbering is missing. The page numbering is shown in the document on screen in word but is not there on the print out. Has anyone else experienced this problem? How can this be fixed?
  3. TMG V9 does not include spouse data in journal reports

    Thanks for the input Terry in regards to the abbreviated format as I was wondering what that was all about, The issue was the PARO variable like you said. I just did not know all the places it should be but now I do. It was in the global sentence for the marriage tag and in the principal role tag but it was not in the role sentence for bride or groom. Once I added it to those roles I now have that sentence in the journal report like UFT had that says; Sally is the daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette (example). I have found that when you import from UFT to TMG many of the sentences get changed or lack something and the dynamics are a bit different that someone starting from scratch in TMG with no import.
  4. TMG V9 does not include spouse data in journal reports

    Perhaps I should approach this differently and specifically explain what I want TMG to do. Perhaps it's not possible for it to do what I want it to do and there is no fix. I am getting the gist of templates, codes, roles, etc As I discover more about the program. I do own Terry's book and I am familiar with Terry's Tips. If I could find the how to in those sources I would not be asking for help here. I could not find a how to for this particular situation in those sources. In the case of a Journal Report when a person ie spouse male or female marries a descendant of the subject person of the report I would like for that person's parents names to be included in the journal report provided the parents are in the database. UFT always did it as a one line sentence provided that person's parents were in the database. an example would be: Hannah was the daughter of James Gray and Elizabeth Henderson. I have discovered that TMG does not replicate this action in journal reports and that's what I would like to do if possible since I have imported 5,000 names from UFT. Is there a Global solution for this and would it be done to a marriage tag or could it be a birth tag? How would TMG know to apply this only to a spouse in a journal report vs a descendant? This is why I am unsure to put the code PARO at if that is the fix or to show you a specific template.
  5. I am new to TMG v9 having imported from UFT and I have noticed yet another problem after running reports and inputting data. Memo text for several Marriage and Death tags that I inputted is clearly in the memo box but does not appear in the preview within the tag nor is it carried over to the reports. This is info that I have added in the new TMG program not imported. Imported info appears to have a symbol that is grey in color like this: II prior to the memo text and I have found that typing after when inputting new memo text will includes all new text. New memo text that I have added does not have those symbols prior to the text. and will not show up. Does that make sense? If this has something to do with altering a tag sentence which seems to be the case with this program please explain how to do it with what the sentence should look like and would this be the same for all tags?
  6. TMG V9 does not include spouse data in journal reports

    @Terry So you told me what I need to do but do not tell me how to do it. So where is the appropriate place in the sentence? This is the current sentence the marriage tag has: [P] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[D]> <[L]> <[M]> What would it need to look like? Sorry to be so blunt but there has been a level of frustration with this program.
  7. TMG V9 does not include spouse data in journal reports

    @John R. Thanks I did what you suggested and it works, the spouse information is now there. Yes, I agree the spouse's parents names are a must since they are not always included in birth, death, or marriage. Hopefully someone will respond with how to add them also.
  8. I am new to TMG having been a long time UFT user. I attempted to print Journal Reports yesterday and discovered that no information is included for spouses in the reports other than their name. In UFT and Roots they were always automatically included and in TMGv9 they are not which makes the report useless to me. How do I include spousal data in journal reports ie their tags ie birth death etc. for the main focus or starting person and ALL of their descendants?