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  1. PDF printer won't install

    Hi there, You look like a helpful soul. When I send a report to .pdf it freezes the program. Have tried a dozen times. Now, when I send a report to .doc I get a report full of duplicate pictures. When I try to edit I can do it fine, but when I try to save I get message saying there is not enough memory. this happens for a 180 page report. I thought it meant not enough memory in my computer, but I opened a previous 290 page document and had no problem saving it using save as. Can you help or perhaps refer me to someone? Many thanks Margot Woodrough
  2. Version 9 runs very slow

    Thank you so much for your help. The problem is solved however a new one has arisen. I am have trouble creating reports. In creating a descendant narrative I get several blank pages inside the report. At times only one line will be on a page. If I go to the end of that line and hit delete, the text from following page falls into place as it should. Also, when I try to create a pdf file the program seems to be doing it fine, but then I get a "please wait" message and the program freezes up.
  3. I've used TMG for years. Just installed v9 and it runs super slow. Please tell me what the fix is. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but this does not help. I suspect the uninstall is not complete because when I reinstall the serial number is still there.