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Version 9 runs very slow

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I've used TMG for years. Just installed v9 and it runs super slow. Please tell me what the fix is. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but this does not help. I suspect the uninstall is not complete because when I reinstall the serial number is still there.

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TMG9 should run no slower than TMG7 or TMG8.


Run the installer and select [Repair].


In your project, run Optimize, Validate File Integrity, Optimize.

File / maintenance


You can do things to create less overhead like not using accents or the auto-relationship tag.


(Installing and not needing to register again has no significance.)

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Thank you so much for your help. The problem is solved however a new one has arisen. I am have trouble creating reports. In creating a descendant narrative I get several blank pages inside the report. At times only one line will be on a page. If I go to the end of that line and hit delete, the text from following page falls into place as it should.

Also, when I try to create a pdf file the program seems to be doing it fine, but then I get a "please wait" message and the program freezes up.

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