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  1. Problem Solved! (yay!) After contacting support@whollygenes.com to confirm my license details, I learned that when I purchased TMG9 I accidentally mistyped my email by one letter, hence why I couldn't get it to work. Everything's up and running now. Thank you all for your help and suggestions! Even though I still can't get over TMG going off the market, I'm glad to know that there's still a community of clever people committed to keeping it working for us as long as possible. Yours, ADT
  2. I wish I could say this was helpful, but I'm still having no luck. I've tried every variation of my name/email(s) that I can think of (not that there are many) and still come up with nothing. I know that I was able to install TMG9 when I bought it in 6/14, so there's something I'm missing. But for the life of me, I have no clue what it is. Is there anyway I can confirm my license information from whatever's left of Wholly Genes, or is that now just impossible? :-/ ADT
  3. Thanks for the quick replies! Since my post above, I have confirmed that my TMG8 name, email, and unlock code are good. This isn't surprising since I was using it for years with no problem. Here's the rub. I didn't purchase a "full" copy of TMG9. Rather, I purchased an "upgrade" at a lower cost. The description from my order confirmation email lists it as "TMG8G9GUP-DL Upgrade TMG Gold v8 to Gold v9 (Download only)." I don't recall if the "upgrade" replaced an existing copy of TMG8 or was just a regular TMG9 install package. In the notes I kept from the purchase, I listed both my TMG9 AND TMG8 unlock codes with a note that the TMG8 code was "required." I don't recall these detail exactly, but the notes are from right after I successfully installed TMG9. Another (possibly) complicating factor is that my original TMG8 purchase and the purchase of TMG9 were made using different email addresses. Even so, I have tried literally every combination of name, email, and unlock code (both with a straight install of TMG9 and also after installing and unlocking TMG8. Any ideas?
  4. I purchased TMGv8 via the website about two years ago. Less than a year ago, I purchased an "upgrade" to TMGv9 from the website. I have both my original TMGv8 registration information as well as a new TMGv9 upgrade unlock code. I have done a clean reinstall of TMGv9 and it does not unlock with either of my two codes. Actually, it accepts the TMGv9 code but states that it is for a trial version and has expired. As it stands now, I cannot unlock my version of TMGv9 and am stuck till I can get this issue resolved. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks! ADT