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  1. error importing from Family Tree Maker

    I have friend who I convinced to buy TMG and she is having the exact same problem! I sure hope somebody has an answer for this soon!! She just received TMG today and is a very unhappy camper! -Kris Krumm

    Thanks so much Virginia! I had the multiple monitors selected, my hubby bought me an extra one for Valentines day! I will de-select it. WOW has this problem been frustrating! I am so glad it will now be fixed!

    I am not sure why this has started happening to me. and I have not pinpointed what to do to duplicate it. but I do know with "Alt-Tab" back n forth my TMG Used to suddenly CLOSE down with no warning. This is a "new" problem. Again I am still doing a lot of Alt-Tab, but I have even had it happen without that. Suddenly when I click on the Icon to add a new person the program has all buttons grey out, including the shut down button. My only recourse is to do a "ctrl+alt+delete" at which time once I click on shut down TMG, in the background TMG has a window pop open saying "Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN" and so I down the Windows task manager, and hit the OK button on the TMG error window and TMG then closes immediately. I can then wait a bit and re-open TMG and do nothing at all, but hit the add a person icon and have it happen again, right off the bat! I have done the reindex/optimize/validate.. I have rebooted my machine... What is worse I do have times when I can add a new person with no problem as well! So that does not help any with duplicating the problem this does not "always" happen immediately upon opening my TMG. I do know it is only happening when I click on the Add aperson icon for some reason. I can edit and add tags with no problem.. This was NOT happening until just yesterday. I have not installed any new hardware or software for well over a week. Anyone have any idea what to do to stop it??
  4. I have create a new tag called "email" so that I can keep them handy for a quick sort. I just enter the email into the notes area, and the date it was last current in the date part (of course). folks are always changing servers and email addresses! Drives me nutty!
  5. Problems with version 7

    I am doing a back-up to an second internal hard drive, which has 9G free space
  6. Problems with version 7

    Well twice today I had an automatic shut down, but this time was a bit of a different twist in that I got a window that said it was a Visual Fox Pro error of some sort (Geesh, I have so many automatic shut downs, that I just ignore with TMG!) But now for the first time I can not do a backup of my data anymore! I have been unable to do a complete backup (one that includes exhibits) for several months, but up to now I was at least able to backup all the other settings in a backup. (The folks at WG support never did figure that one out) But since these two shut downs today now I get: "Input File read failure - This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is locked or restricted by another process" The only choice is to hit "OK" and then a window opens saying "Errors occurred during backup. Output file write failure, possible disk full". Well I have 6G free so I know that disk is not full. I have am the only user of this machine, I am the administrator/only user set up for it. I am scared to death of loosing my dataset with no backup, I have over 58,000 folks in there. I have run the Reindex/optimize/validate over and over, but that doesn't change the outcome...still can not do a backup of all settings and data. HELP!
  7. Problems with version 7

    I have this happen a lot if I am using Alt-Tab and lot flipping back and fourth from a TMG window to a Ancestry.com window to enter data ie: census data, etc. I even upgraded my machine to 2G of RAM thinking that would help, but it doesn't. I found if I just close the program frequently and reopen it that I have the best luck. -Kris
  8. USGS GNIS not working in v7... again

    Actually it was fixed as I said.. "via a .zip file" (link to it was supplied by WG in a newsletter: Wholly Genes Newsletter, 27 July 2007, Issue 2007-11 ) I wonder why they did not include that "fix" in with v7... I thank you for your help, and all is working fine again. I was just afraid to try to apply that "fix from v.6" to v.7 without someone reassuring me on it. I tried it on my laptop installation of v7 first "just to be sure" all would be OK!
  9. When I open a tag and add a town and state and click on the "world" icon to do a search at GNIS website for the county, all I get is: "The requested URL /pls/gnis/web_query.gnisprod was not found on this server." This bug "was" fixed in v.6 via a .zip file download available from WG in v.6 but now appears to be "broken" again. Should I apply that zip file fix to my new V7 program file? I did edit the "webplaces.txt" file via the web/place databases/customize window to what is it "supposed" to be (http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic) but it still is not helping the button work in V7
  10. OK... New problem... kind of I have upgraded to TMG v7 and back to square one it seems my GNIS is not working again. and by the way... under: File / Preferences / Program Options / Other 'Send URLs to the browser with backslashes' no longer exists. I would have thought all this would be working fine and dandy in V7 ? maybe the GNIS made some new changes to their website?? help needed!
  11. Backup botton lost in V7?

    Thanks Terry! DUH, I guess I should have looked with my "eyes open" and would have found it at the bottom like you said. Yep there it is! I "thought" when I created my backup I had checked off all the boxes that were in the list! guess I didn't.... ;-) I appreciate your rapid response, I have my button back! Hurray!
  12. Layout manager bug?

    I just had the exact same thing happen. but once there were no windows available, I went to "View"... "Layouts" and chose a layout from my list.... then all the windows opened fine using the chosen layout. So I did not have to close V7 and then reopen
  13. In V 6 I had a backup button in a custom toolbar and I linked it to a backup configuration that I liked. Thus when I wanted to do a backup I just hit that button and it did a backup without even opening the options/settings window. I loved it! I just installed V 7 and my button is GONE so I figured... I will create the button again.. I opened the "customize" area and under "unused buttons" and "FILE MENU" there is no sign of "backup" IMHO this could mean that TMG already "knows" there is a backup botton "somewhere" (although I have no idea where it went if that is the case) or that WG took that option out with V 7 (which I find hard to believe) anyone else have this problem?
  14. Images with Word 2007

    One thing I found is to export from TMG as an RTF file, and then open with Word, but do not convert it to a WORD 2007 document. Just work on it from there and this way the large files stay a maximum of the size of a page, instead of blowing up the size of your living room. The whole creation of reports interaction between TMG and MS Word is far... far from being acceptable. I can create a Journal Report of 300+pages and spend 4 to 12 hours editing, creating proper text wraps and photo sizes, before being able to publish, even with editing the master copies of the photo files in advance. Luckily my genealogy it is a labor of love, there certainly would not be much profit from it!
  15. Virginia, I went to the file you said for me it is at: S:\programs 2007\the master genealogist\projects and that folder is totally empty. My project itself I keep on a different drive that being: D:\kens sends\TMG our family with the name of the database being "joint project" therein I only have these file types: .acc .asp .dbf .flp .pjc and two text documents nothing actually shows .cdx