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  1. Bug exporting Event-Misc in GEDCOM

    Thanks Jim. Then I guess I need to make the daughter a witness to the passenger list instead of a principal. The devil is in the details, isn't it?
  2. Bug exporting Event-Misc in GEDCOM

    There were 2 principals in the tag, a mother and her daughter. The GEDCOM tag type is EVEN. This is the same Event tag I've used for years in TMG and its always exported just fine. Thanks Terry.
  3. I just found a bug in exporting a GEDCOM. I recently added an Event-Misc to a person and then exported that dataset to a GEDCOM but any Event-Misc tag that I've added since the upgrade is not exporting at all. Event-Misc tags brought over from the v6 file are all exporting OK but nothing made after the upgrade. What is weird is that I created a new tag based on the Event tag and it exports just fine. Has anyone else run into this yet? Anybody have a fix? Thanks in advance, Bob
  4. An old bug and a new bug

    Well, I got the new bug fixed. I don't recall now what I did but I can click on the Use Last Citation button and it populates correctly now. But TMG still needs to fix the GNIS URL on that button on Tag Entry.
  5. Tracking a baptism dress

    Hugh, I would make a custom tag including sentence. In that way you could print the output in reports so others could also see who used the dress. Bob
  6. I downloaded v7 yesterday and have worked with it a few hours now and so far really love the new features. But I've run into a couple things that are exceedingly annoying. The first is an old bug that I've seen since v5, but never gave it much attention. In Tag Entry screens when I click on the Globe Icon in the upper right corner to find the place on the web, I get a bad URL for US GNIS: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnis/web_quer...ois&f_cnty= When I check this against a good URL to GNIS I see that the "gnis" segment between pls and web_query is not there. Apparently the imbedded URL in TMG needs to be repaired. The other bug is a new one for v7. In the Tag Entry window when I clicked on "Repeat Last Citation" for the very first time it worked just fine, the citation and citation detail appeared almost immediately in the window. But since that time when I click on this button nothing appears in the Citation window. I have to click OK and then reopen the window to see the citation. This is quite annoying as frequently when I want to repeat the previous citation I also have to revise the Citation Detail. Has anyone else run into these problems? Bob
  7. I'm not sure of the correct terminology on this, but what I would REALLY like to see in TMG is a relationship calculator that will tell me the relationship between me and my aunt's (mother's sister's) husband. I know that there is no blood relationship, but he's still my uncle and I would like to know that relationship. Is this possible? Thanks, Bob
  8. I have a problem that is increasingly becoming a major pain. When I export a GEDCOM it seems that TMG is renumbering the family groups. This normally wouldn't be a problem but I send these GEDCOMs to my web site which uses TNG software. I have photos linked to families, linked internally to the ID number of the family. But when the family number is changed the photos are getting attached to the wrong families. Is there some way to prevent renumbering the families? I don't want to have to go thru my photos every time I upload a new GEDCOM, especially since I'm approaching large numbers of photos. Thanks, Bob
  9. I recently created a new Name Style for medieval names, i.e. de Welles, fitz Walter. I set the Output template like this: [Title] [GivenName] [Presurname] [surname] [suffix] The Surname Display template is: [Presurname] [surname], [GivenName] ([Title]) [suffix] The Given Name display template is: [GivenName] [suffix] [Title] [Presurname] [surname] But when I made a descendant box chart the output is: Walter Presurname Ragemar, instead of Walter fitz Ragemar. Did I miss something someplace? How can I get these names to display properly in the chart? Thanks, Bob
  10. Craycroft and Bresnan Family Pages
  11. Coveney, Dick

    Mr. Coveney, I took a look at your Genealogy section of your web site and was interested in your use of TNG, which I use quite heavily at www.craycroft.us. If I may offer a suggestion, the link you provide to this site takes the visitor to the administration section and logs them in as an admin. This may not be such a good idea for security reasons. May I suggest that you link instead to the main page with no login to protect your data? Bob Craycroft