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  1. I am continually asked to re-enter my v9 registration information (about once/month). This has been going on for probably a year and is annoying. Is that just normal?
  2. Terry, thank you more than you may know. I unsuccessfully tried to find the location where the filter was set. If it is there, the Help files to find it didn't help me! Dennis
  3. I noticed this in a related topic - "I must have accidentally clicked on "Filter for Primary Events". " If I've done that, where do I find the page with the filter for primary events? I've been in the Help section without much help so far. Thanks for the help.
  4. I have lost the ability to add any tags to a record. I can use control-U for burial, or control-d for death and control-b for birth but selecting such a tag does nothing. What must I do to recover that functional characteristic? thanks
  5. I upgraded from v8 to v9 using the link provided to me by Wholly Genes. I did not delete v8 before installing v9. After installation, whenever I wanted to install a new Exhibit, the application presented an address for v8 Exhibits. Whenever I wanted to perform a Backup, the application provided an address for v8 Backup locations (I could manually navigate to the v9 locations). My request to Wholly Genes Help was never responded to (this was when WG was shutting down) so I just lived with the annoyance. I have now performed a clean install of v9 using the install file and following the instructions for a clean install (including deleting the primary TMG registry tree HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\WOW6432Node\Wholly Genes Software and the v8 Program File. I used Windows Control Panel to delete the v8 and v9 installations (and later did a manual delete of v9 Program file and the two Program Data files after another v9 install). When I open TMG, I am greeted with "Exhibit folder "C:\Users\Dennis\Documents\The Master Genealogist v8\Exhibits\" was not found. Do you want to use the default Exhibit folder?". (Interesting that whether I select Yes or No the Exhibits in my files are properly displayed.) After doing that and wanting to install a new Exhibit, I am properly directed to the v9 Exhibit directory (until I close TMG and then must repeat those steps.) However, I continue to be plagued with the v8 address Backup operations. When I begin a Backkup I am greeted with the automatically generated archive name and address as C:\users\Dennis\Documents\The Master Genealogist v8\Backups\Huck_VC_Database 2016-01-17 11-17-26.sqz. I can manually navigate to the v9 Backup directory. If I agree to the v8 address, a TMG v8 directory is generated in a TMG v8 directory within Dennis\Documents. How can I get rid of this annoying v8 characteristic for the Exhibit and Backup functions? Thank You again, Dennis
  6. blush - I've been returning to Forums and not the v9 Forum. sorry Dennis
  7. I see "view new content" and do not see "start new topic" Dennis
  8. Jim, thank you. Top right of the Forum tab includes Quick Navigation, Sign In, Forums, and View New Content. I don't see the link with the suggested name. Hopefully, after the removal and reinstall I'll not have to fret about a new topic. Dennis
  9. I've just joined this forum and haven't found the spot that allows me to start a new topic (where is that) but feel my problem is similar to others already in the listings. I've used TMG since 2003 and finally had v9 running on a W7 computer with about 50000 entries in several projects. I upgraded to W10 (successfully) and TMG9 seemed to work fine. I have backups of the v9 projects and because tonight I'm unable to open TMG in any fashion (desktop shortcut doesn't respond and opening the TMG executable doesn't work either) I'm in a new low spot. Should I just give up and follow the Dec 2014 posting by Jim Byram to first uninstall the TMG9 version and then reinstall v9.05 as he outlined the process? I'm hampered by an illness in the family that is going to take almost all spare time but I'd like some guidance of my best approach to solve this sinking feeling I have tonight. (or is there another procedure step or two to try before beginning a reinstall?) thanks Dennis