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  1. Children's Window

    The spouse of a child shows up in the Children's Window. I have a direct ancestor male child who had 3 spouses during his life; the second wife bore the child who is my direct ancestor; however the third wife is the one displayed in the Children's Window. How can I get the second wife to be displayed in that location?
  2. Bad ID Number

    Yesterday I was entering several new people into my family tree in TMG v9 and I was using the TMG F2 feature to use all of my “skipped” person ID numbers (from people that I had deleted). I didn’t realize it but I finished using all the “skipped” numbers and I continued using F2 to select "unused" (but now new) numbers when TMG “blinked” and my ID numbers went from 4222 to 512892. I cannot get TMG to recognize my last person’s ID as 4221 and make my next person’s ID number 4222. Can anyone help me? Thanks John
  3. Bad ID Number

    I tried renumbering and TMG started with the 6-digit number in lieu of the number 1 and for my second person it reverted to the number 2 and continued on in perfect order. So I've abandoned that approach. How do I load a back up file? I close the existing file. I can find the back up file but it is in a <*.sqz"> extension and it doesn't want to load. John
  4. I've been running TMG v09.03 since it was released and now I can only open it in READ ONLY mode. I get a window "Unlock the Full Version", click on the "Unlock the full version now" button, get a REGISTRATION window, fill out the data required and then get a "Invalid data" message. Can anyone help me get my TMG operational such that it is always fully functioning?
  5. Can only open TMG v09.03 in READ ONLY mode

    Thanks Jim! I was using that procedure, so you confirmed my effort. And thanks Terry! The problem couldn't possibly be "user error" in that I was using my version 8 registration number. Well, I looked around and finally found the version 9 number and "all's right with the world." So thanks again to both of you.