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  1. Note - What I meant initially was that I started a new project and imported a GED file. The report options were all invalid(light grey). I started TMG again it said the trial version had ended and I had to put in the serial number. I've had to input the serial number on at least three occasions in the last year. That's what I mean by resetting TMG - it wants my registration info again and again. It's Win10.
  2. It's fixed. Must be a bad image. I had searched the forum for 'Visual Chartform' and only saw entries in 2014, but just now saw the entry under "VCF" that said it might be a bad image.
  3. I had decided to refresh my project (TMG9.05) with a new import from a GED file that was more recent that what I worked with. It apparently reset TMG so I had to input the serial number again. Now I am trying to generate a descendant box chart with only 3 generations and I get "Visual Chartform has stopped working".
  4. File access denied

    Peter, I also have Win10 and also had got the 'trial period expired' today and entered my serial number again. I then imported a revized file and opened the program to ger the same message of can't access..... (I also have GData). I've had TMG9 on Win 10 since last September and other than putting in the serial number periodically it has been okay until now. However, you may have done this as a workaround, I hit 'Ignore' and the data can be accessed [so far], but it would be nice to not have the error in the first place. You are not alone, but, obviously, you use the software more than I as I use it to make reports.