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  1. Hi Folks, I am aware that TMG is no longer, but would like some help in resolving an issue after importing a GEDCOM file, I notice that when looking at different data sets that one I would like to pursue with has numerous names and sources with numbers like 1-? and 2-?, if I was to rename this Data set would this resolve the numbers problem, to just having solitary numbers, without prefixes. Thanks in advance David of Guildford, Surrey
  2. Hi Virginia. I notice that when going to the main WG website and looking for the Trial version, no mention is made that it is version 9.03, can this be assumed, and will my lock-in code work with this file. Regards David
  3. Hi folks, I have been a TMG user for many years and up till now have been more than happy with the overall programme and its various upgrades and updates. However I recently in the last few days checked out to see if the were any 'Updates' and was advised to go from 9.01 to 9.03 and duly went thru the sequences. I am now totally flumaxed and the programme is far from working ok, I am getting loads of error messages and have no idea what is causing it or even more how to put things right. I have even reinstalled my 9.01 install disk but things are error strewn. Would someone PLEASE sort this problem out and let us users get on with doing what we normally do. Regards David
  4. Problems with my MPL

    Hi Michael, I am sorry to come back to you but there appears to be a misunderstanding. I am operating version 8.08 with Windows 7 Pro. I have been using TMG for many years. I am presently using both the US standard Names and Place styles. My default is for the UK solely for Mapping and Abbreviations, which is found under Preferences- Current project Options. I also use the Language choice of English UK. Having checked out your US Standard Place, my 1-5 are as follows: 1- Addressee 2-Detail 3-City 4-County 5-State. I don't have a 'Town' even showing. Sorry if I seem pedantic but I just want to find out how to have the same input showing in the MPL. Regards David
  5. Problems with my MPL

    Jim. I knew as soon as I had seen your response that my original question had not been explained properly. I am hoping that the following explains things better. 1) Firstly I do use the US Standard Places 2) My default country for xx purposes is the UK as asked for on the xxx tab under preferences. 3) I use the language of English UK as mentioned under the tab 'File maintenance' 4) My concern relates to the input of data using the US Standard Places and the resultant output under the Master Place list. I am happy with the input along the lines of: detail-City-County-State-Country etc. However when they appear afterwards in the MPL the input of City is listed under the column of 'Village/Area' and County appears as under 'Town/City' and State appears under County/Region. 5) I would like the following Detail showing as Detail; City to show as 'Town/City'; County to show as 'County/Region'; State to show as 'State' It seems that I need to change the Column Labels that are associated with the kinds of Places entered. Regards David
  6. Hi One and All. I am using TMG version 8.08 and am getting frustrated because I cannot sort my MPL as I would like it. My default country is the UK but I presently have my Counties being shown under the column of Towns/Cities and my Towns being shown under the Column of Village/Area, even though when I enter fresh data into any screen the input appears to be in the right place. When entering data using the US Standard Place styles, my entry of Town and County are in the right order. Hope you understand the above and if I can help anymore then please ask. Regards David in the UK
  7. Dear One and All. Please excuse me for asking what might seem a simple need, also it may have been asked before. When I was using version 7 with Windows XP sp3 there used to be a number of various report criteria eg; list of all persons who are still alive or even a listing of those persons whom we are not sure if alive or dead. Since having moved onto Windows 7 and having had to reinstall from scratch these various Report filters seem to have disappeared. Would some kind person please guide me thru the process of getting these back from somewhere I know not where. Regards David
  8. Backup version 7 to CD

    Jim. Many thanks for your suggestion, and I've done just that.
  9. I have been using version 7 for sometime and up till now have been running the programme under Windows XP sp3, however I recently changed everything to a new computer running Windows 7. I would like to know if within version 7 there is a facility to backup as normal but to a CD-R. Regards from David in Guildford, Surrey, UK
  10. My thanks to both Terry and Michael, for their informative responses. Regards David in a freezing cold UK
  11. I am currently trying to send a PDF file to a friend and would like to change a sentence, which is included within Marriage Banns, to change the following words: she to HER and he to HIM. secondly can someone please advise me how to amend the Death sentence to show how old they were at Death; presently showing "She died on 4 Mar 1895, [aged ?] , at address, of illness etc.
  12. I would be obliged if members could advise me when and if so for what purpose do they use this Source. I have recently been advised of a listing within a churchyard showing a number of grave burials, which include my past family and wonder if this is the right source to use. Regards from a very cold Surrey in the UK David
  13. I would like to hear from anybody, who can explain how I can obtain a Report showing the following: Name of person Reference Birth date Birth place Source citation linked to this tag Once I can do this type of Report I can then change the Birth to Death or Marriage The only other proviso is that it only contains Births after 1837. Look forward to seeing your responses. David
  14. Thanks to both Jim and Mike.
  15. Would some kind person be able to advise me if its possible to dowload these patches for version 7.00 as individual files that can then be burnt onto cd's for storage purposes. Having just had recent crashes it would be nice to have them available for future usage. Regards David