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  1. Pedigree Chart

    Hi, Virginia. Yes, the new laptop is running Vista. I don't know if I installed the v7 PDF printer - I just downloaded and installed the trial version and then unlocked it with my code. I didn't change anything about the install defaults. I did not try to save the report as a PDF; I printed directly from the screen. This had always worked in the past, but my old laptop ran XP sp2. (I waited to change to Vista until it seemed "safe" for TMG.) I hope this gives more information.
  2. Pedigree Chart

    Hi. I have just installed v7.03 on my new laptop. I am trying to print out some Pedigree charts. First I previewed them to the screen, and everything looked fine. Then I tried to print to my HP printer. The paternal ancestors & the focus person print out with the connecting lines. The maternal ancestors print the names and stats, but there are no lines to show the connection between generations. All of my software and drivers are up-to-date. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  3. (OH) Southeastern Ohio

    Contact: Erin Cooper at relative2u@peoplepc.com Meeting Info: Looking to start a Users' Group in SE Ohio - Belmont County area. Anyone else interested? Other info: Please contact me via email so we can assess the interest in this area.
  4. My new favorite layout

    Hey, Theresa, that's a good idea. Never thought of doing a tag called *.WRONG for erroneous info. Thanks for the "food". Happy TG, everybody!
  5. My new favorite layout

    Hi, All. Here is my current layout. I am doing a lot of Quaker research and data entry at this time, so I have my custom toolbar for Quaker events turned on.